Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tanya In Wonderland

Took a trip into Launceston Town to check out the shops that were closed the other day. found a very lovely charity shop, The kind that underestimate the value of Vintage things, I found a rail full of vintage dresses for £3! I was very close t buying one of the items but I was talked out of it. Its horrible not going shopping with someone who isn't into the same kind of shopping as you! I was sulking all the way out f the shop wishing my little sister was with me. We would of have a field day in there!

Here Is What I Wore Today!
Vintage Dress-Cow-£6
Belt-New Look-£2.99

Outfit Cost-£17.98

This Vintage dress was in the sale for £6! I think the reason it was in the sale was because the hook and eye from the back of the dress had gone missing. Made no difference to me and I sewed one on as soon as I got home!

I am however in need of a serious shopping trip. When I get back (& get paid) I am dragging my sister to Birmingham to the vintage shop whether she likes it or not! (although I'm guessing she's also gagging for a decent shopping outing!)

I'm off to Padstow tomorrow, not too sure what it's like there but I'm guessing it will be another quirky town for me to fall in love with!

I saved a little frog today who had wondered into the cottage and scared everyone, I cam running to the rescue and got him back outside. I'm always on duty for a bit of animal saving!

Talking of Animals I took a photo of my lovely cat friend today. She has a poorly eye. If I lived here I think I'd adopt her and make her all better!

3 days left of my holiday to go, then it's back to taking my photos next to my garden fence panels. nice. I'm going to miss this little forest of mine!

See you tomorrow!


  1. Ahhh I'm glad my postcard was weird on wonderful enough for you! Apologies if it was a little scuffed around the edges, I wrote it when I was drunk in Stuttgart on my birthday and didn't end up sending it til we were in Poland! I'm not very good with post.
    Glad to see you've been keeping up the blogging :) That dress is incredible, £6?! Barg central. Hope your holibobs are still going well, make sure you leave space in yr suitcase for the puss!
    Ps. the ginge suits you!

    1. hhaha! nah it was actually in pretty good condition! No wonder it had the strange aroma of alcohol then ;)

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Belated) I'm guessing you had a pretty amazing time being all over the world!

      Yea, I've kept it up! hoping you will be doing the same now your back in good old England!

      I always get a bargain, and I did very nearly steal the cat.

      Thanks! I braved it and grew some balls and just decided to go for the ginge! :) <3

  2. I very much love that dress. It has the most lovely fabric and oh the collar!

    1. Thanks so much! I really love it! My Vintage dresses are my favourite of all! :) x