Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Road to Ruin

I have had one of the most laziest days in the history of the entire world. I spend a good 4 hours playing grand theft auto (I'm clearly a gangster at heart) and the rest of the day laying on my bed and listening to music. I doubt I've moved for longer than and hour if I added up all the time I'd actually managed to sort of get up. So doing a blog is something productive right? well it will make me feel slightly better for doing bugger all today!

Here's an old photo I stumbled upon inside the folder entitled "blogs to do"

Not sure how long ago I took this but hey ho! It still deserves a show I reckon!

This was taken in the transition of the black hair to ginger hair! so I'm actually my natural hair color which is brunette! I don't think I've seen this hair color for about 6 years!

What I Am Wearing
Vintage Shirt-Emm's Vintage-£6
Beatles T-shirt-Topshop
Denim Shorts-God only knows
Peace Tights-Asos
Dr. Martens-Dr.Martens

It seems I was having a bit of a 90's grunge day, but Its nice to mix your style up for something a bit different. I get bored of things way to easily. Rocker one day, Vintage Pin up the next!

I must say this is possibly my favorite shirt out of my whole wardrobe! and when it costs something stupid like £6 it just makes you love and appreciate it that little bit more.

Anyway! now that I feel I've done something a little bit productive I'm going to reward myself with a cigarette and a cup of tea! ah! Bliss!

Until Next Time!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Four Dresses

I'm taking a break from showing you my holiday outfits (I'll get round to doing that another day) and showing you something a bit more exiting, wahey!

first of all welcome back my ginger hair, which I am actually getting bored of already. actually feel like having rainbow hair or something ridiculously eccentric so maybe I wont get bored of it so easy.

Second of all I went to a vintage fair! days spent at vintage fairs are the happiest days! after waltzing around the room and picking up literally everything in awe and desire I finally settled on buying only 1 brooch and just the 4 dresses. I think I did pretty well, but when friends asked what I had managed the find amongst the 100+ rails at the vintage fair, they replied with "FOUR DRESSES! how many dresses do you already have?" good point, but how on earth was I meant to resist the great temptation that is dresses for under a tenner?

Here is one dress that I snapped up for a mere fiver! It's one of my new favorites added to the Narnia wardrobe, and you can see why!

What I Am Wearing
Dress -Maisies Vintage Closet - £5
Necklace - Stolen from sister
Earings -Topshop
Belt- Primark
Shoes - ASOS
Socks -Asda

I must apologize for the huge bandage on my hand that completely wrecks the entire outfit. If you are wondering what the hell it is, I burnt my hand on candle wax which resulted in a first degree burn. amazing.It's pretty much a normal hand now but I had to walk around with that huge bandage on my hand for more than three weeks!

Until next time friends!