Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tanya In Wonderland

Took a trip into Launceston Town to check out the shops that were closed the other day. found a very lovely charity shop, The kind that underestimate the value of Vintage things, I found a rail full of vintage dresses for £3! I was very close t buying one of the items but I was talked out of it. Its horrible not going shopping with someone who isn't into the same kind of shopping as you! I was sulking all the way out f the shop wishing my little sister was with me. We would of have a field day in there!

Here Is What I Wore Today!
Vintage Dress-Cow-£6
Belt-New Look-£2.99

Outfit Cost-£17.98

This Vintage dress was in the sale for £6! I think the reason it was in the sale was because the hook and eye from the back of the dress had gone missing. Made no difference to me and I sewed one on as soon as I got home!

I am however in need of a serious shopping trip. When I get back (& get paid) I am dragging my sister to Birmingham to the vintage shop whether she likes it or not! (although I'm guessing she's also gagging for a decent shopping outing!)

I'm off to Padstow tomorrow, not too sure what it's like there but I'm guessing it will be another quirky town for me to fall in love with!

I saved a little frog today who had wondered into the cottage and scared everyone, I cam running to the rescue and got him back outside. I'm always on duty for a bit of animal saving!

Talking of Animals I took a photo of my lovely cat friend today. She has a poorly eye. If I lived here I think I'd adopt her and make her all better!

3 days left of my holiday to go, then it's back to taking my photos next to my garden fence panels. nice. I'm going to miss this little forest of mine!

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Vintage Fantasy...

So! Day 3 (yesterday) of my holiday was pretty nice. I woke up to Sunshine, & I have made friends with a small cat who I have been feeding, He came to say hello this morning. I must remember to take a photo of him!

We went into a town called Boscastle, a little town with really cute shops. There was a man sat on the floor playing a flute thingy. I felt a bit like I'd gone back in time, which was quite nice.
My boyfriend spotted someone walking a Pug, so we followed him all the way up the street. I was very tempted to steel him.

After this we went to Tintagel, another town full of little quaint and quirky shops. definitely my favourite kind of shops!(after vintage shops of course!)

Although I'm really enjoying my time here in Cornwall, I think I am yet to find a town which has the best of the countryside, the seaside and the shopping experience! I don't think I could cope without my vintage shops. I even Googled to see if there were any Vintage shops in Cornwall & failed miserably.

Maybe I could open my own vintage shop up here in Cornwall and live here forever!

What I Wore Today
Vintage Dress-Cow- £6
Belt-New Look-£2.99
Necklace-New Look-Stolen From Sophie

Total Outfit - £18.98

Another cheap as chips outfit from me. Do you expect anything more? who needs to wear designer brands and break their bank at the same time when you can look brilliant for less than £20! yeeeaaahhh!

Ta-Ta For Now!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

You Won't Really See Me, I Live In Old Movies

This blog was meant to be posted yesterday, so lets pretend it's Monday :)

The weather man was right, Today it has rained. It was dry enough this morning to have a little wonder out so I got enough photos to do a nice enough blog :)

Since it was a bit chillier today I put on my midi skirt. I am quite proud of this outfit, and not because of the look of it, just because it was so cheap and looks so nice!!

The skirt cost me £1.99 and the top cost me 99p! both from a charity shop, making the major pieces of the outfit come to a total of  £2.98. Bargain or what?!

What I Am Wearing
Top-Charity Shop-99p
Skirt-Charity Shop-£1.99
Shoes-New Look-£15.99
Ring-New Look-£4.99

Total Outfit Cost £24.96

I went into the little town, not realising its a bank holiday Monday and everywhere was closed! There were loads of vintage looking shops and a few nice looking charity shops, which would have definitely been worth a browse! Hopefully I get an opportunity to go back down and have a proper browse! But for now I got a few photos of the most beautiful shop I have ever seen.... Through the window.

Anyway it's been nice and sunny today, so I have gotten some pretty decent photos, so look forward to tomorrows post! :)


Monday, 27 August 2012

Fairy In The Forest

I woke up early this morning, and the first thing on my mind was to get ready and go on another adventure with my camera! Blog photos are my main priority!

Luckily the weather was quite nice today, with the sun giving its occasional appearance out of the clouds. It's meant to be raining all day tomorrow. Great.

What I Am Wearing
Belt- New Look- £3.99
Necklace-New Look-£4.99

I've always wanted to have my photos taken on a train track, and know I have a miniature one in the garden! only for the week mind, but I'm still happy!

I haven't had chance to wear this top yet. It was one of the many items my boyfriend brought me for my birthday, bless him. I really love the strap detail on it, I've never seen anything like it before!

We Went to a little town called Bude today, there's a little beach there and a few shops, it was a sweet town. The beach was only small and since we weren't really in sand castle building gear we set out to the shops!

There weren't any amazingly unusual clothes shops or anything, so unfortunately I didn't buy anything extraordinary. There was a really cool looking shop called Shabby & Chic, But as it's a Sunday it was closed, I was quite upset about this :(

We did go to a little cafĂ© and have a Cornish cream tea and a scone with clotted cream and jam. A must do if you are in Cornwall!

There may not be any blog photos from me tomorrow if it rains too much. Fingers crossed the sun decides to come back here! <3

Until next time!!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Wish You Were Here...

Hello Everyone!

I am currently blogging from Cornwall!

Unfortunately the weather isn't very nice to me and has decided to rain pretty much all day, leaving me daydreaming out of the window, urging to explore the 4 acres of land we have at the place we are staying!

Thankfully, It brightened up for about 20 minutes so I dashed outside, armed with my camera, and went on a mini adventure!

Me & My Boy!

My boyfriend's Mom brought me this dress, how lovely is she! One of the things I thought was quite amazing about this dress is the fact that at a first glance you don't notice that the top half of the dress is White with Black hearts, & the bottom is Black with White hearts! I realise that this isn't an amazing fact, but I was amazed by the fact when I finally realised!

Hopefully the weather is nicer tomorrow and I can explore the land around me even more! So look forward to a blog purely dedicated to photos of my discoveries!

Hope you are all okay!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

That Girl With The Orange Hair

So guess what. I finally took the plunge and died my hair (again) This time to fully achieve the ginger look!

It's a little light at the minute so I'm partially blonde (which doesn't do much for me) But I am liking the orange look, and it will be easier for me to achieve a darker ginger colour now! (It was impossible for me to do that from red)

So here is my first outfit post with ORANGE hair! Let me know what you think!
So far I've had a mixture of responses from "It's Amazing" to "you look better with red hair" or one of my more favourite opinions "you just do it for attention". lol. 

What I Am Wearing
Floral Print Dress - New Look 
Mint & White Bow Belt - Primark
Navy & Red Shirt - New Look
Brown Brogues - Gift
Necklace - New Look
Tights - New Look

Another New Look Based Outfit I'm afraid, Which isn't a bad thing, it's just I now feel like a lot of my blog posts are dedicated to what I wear to work and I'm starting to become limited of the work clothes I haven't yet shown you! 

Anyway, I hope you are all okay! SEE YA!