Thursday, 16 August 2012

Girls Like Mystery

Hello Everyone! 

Thank goodness the torrential  rain only lasted the one day and then the good old sun decided to bless us with it's appearance another day! I do enjoy listening to the rain, when I'm indoors, but I don't particularly  enjoy getting soaked whilst shopping. So the sun wins every time for me!

Here is my outfit of Today!!

What I Am Wearing
Skirt-New Look - £16.99
Top - New Look - £12.99
Shoes - New Look -Years Old
Head Scarf - New Look Sale - £2
Belt - New Look - £2.99
Necklace - New Look

This outfit is all about the skirt. As soon as it came in to New Look I was literally drawn to it, Like a magnet. It's actually quite a retro/vintage looking piece for such a modern shop! I was quite impressed!

Once again I am being forever faithful to my work and Advertising their clothes outside of work! I think I should be rewarded for this ;) Truth is, there is actually a lot of nice things in New Look, They actually have some lovely things, and they aren't too badly priced either! 

I've Linked up all the Items I am wearing to the website so you can check out the items for yourself!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hello! And thank you for following my blog. There is so much to love about this outfit of yours. The colours and patterns, and your hair and make up is awesome. Also I love your blog header, it's truly awesome. Did you do it yourself?

    1. Hey!

      No problem! :)

      & THANKS!!

      Yeah I did do my blog header my self! im glad you like it, I wasn't too sure about it! :) <3