Saturday, 4 August 2012

Happy Birthday to me.

I'm bloody 22.

This is the only time you shall hear me admit this. from now on I am staying 21, and will be 21 forever. Like a female Peter Pan. Or maybe I'm the ginger version of Tinkerbell.

Mind you, I did have a really enjoyable Birthday. My boyfriend took me shopping and I brought TONS of vintage clothes, and luckily enough it happened to be sunny in England for a change! so we also took a trip to the seaside and sat and drank coffee in the sun, it was lovely.

On the Saturday I hosted a Vintage Tea Party, and stole a load of Vintage Teacups and Saucers from my Nanny. We made millions of cakes and goodies, it took forever!

I wore one of my vintage dresses that Alex brought me when we went shopping. I had so many compliments on how lovely the dress was, and it only cost a fiver! Bargain. Unfortunately I was stupid enough to forget to take a decent photo in it, but here are some photo's from the day!


What I Am Wearing
Top - New Look Sale - £7
Belt - New Look - £2.99
Skirt - Vintage Cow - £6
Gasses - Vintage Fair - £6
Necklace - Primark - £3
Bag- Years old

Total Outfit Cost - £24.99
probably your average price for a shirt alone!

My Vintage Tea Party

I won't bore you with any more depression from me growing up. But please, everyone, remember,f I'm 21. OKAY?    ;)

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