Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A £10 Oufit & Box Of Hair Dye Later

So, I have a bit of a huge announcement to make. I am not longer ginger! Yes! you heard it! I have ditched the "mary street porter" do (yes my sister told me I looked like her) for a Louise Brooks-esque do. I am now rocking black hair. please let me know what you think!

Funny story, I was in need of a major hair dying session as my dark brown roots had slowly started to takeover the upper section of my hair that even my nieces pointed out that I had "orange, brown & black hair" cheers.

I had a debate in my own mind as to how I would go about dying my hair. Should I dye it the same or go for something new. I came to the conclusion that I would either go black or ginger. After countless conversations with my boyfriend and sister who were not very helpful to say the least, I still had no clue as to what to do. So I pulled out a trusty ten pence piece and flipped it. Heads Ginger, Tails Black. Black it is.

I think that dying my hair black has made me look a little like a female Ryan Jarman which I suppose isn't all bad because Alex has a huge man crush on him so I think this has only made him fancy me more.

On another note I went Shopping (again) to the brilliant shop that is cow. All I can say is that me and a rail full of 2 for £10 clothes is pretty lethal!

What I Am Wearing
Belt-New Look-£4.99
Various bracelets-New Look
Doc Martens-£40-Love is not the word

How can you not buy an outfit that cost you £10 (barring the new doc martens, which I hope you have all noted!) I am a sucker for cheap clothes that are too beautiful for words.

The rip in the tights is not intentional. These tights were actually quite expensive as far as tights go, and after wearing them once and laddering them I was pretty pissed off and now refuse to not wear them so I will be rocking the ripped tights look for a while, regardless to the fact my mother-in-law to be called me a tramp.

I have still not shown you my clothes I brought on the shopping spree with dear betti, so I think its safe to say that I should definitely go on a shopping ban and show you all the clothes you are yet to discover that are buried in the mess that is my wardrobe. My bank balance would certainly appreciate this. I know that my clothes are cheap but it doesn't make any difference if you just buy three times as much stuff.

On another not my dear cousin from the lovely world of Weymouth is here to stay for the week! We have influenced her to start her own blog and she did her first blog post today! Give her a bit of support and pop over to her page! show us how lovely us blogging bunch are ;) CLICK ME!

I'll leave you with a song, as I have booked tickets to see these guys in concert and I am frigging excited!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Betti comes to brum.

The day finally arrived! Our dear blogging buddy Betti arrived in birmingham armed and ready to shop like no woman has shopped before! With a lovely veggie breakfast at weather spoons to set us up for the day we forgot the importance of money  and headed to the vintage shops of birmingham!

If you are heading to Birmingham for some serious vintage shopping here are a few MUST GO TO's!

The Oasis Store-
110-114 Corporation St, City Centre
Cow-82 Digbeth

Urban Village-The Custard Factory, Gibb St, Digbeth

Mr. Birds Emporium -Gibb St, Birmingham 
Forgotten Vintage -Unit 9, Great Western Arcade
Vintage Clothing-91 Alison street

We visited all of the above! Belly full of tea and a cupcake later we were on the train back to Walsall 8 hours later, dragging our masses of purchases behind us and just about able to stand up.

We crashed out with a chinese take-away, a few episodes of The Mighty Boosh and drank masses of tea & wine until we eventually passed out.

The following day we set out to Walsall to shop our socks off for the second day in a row.
We went to Emm Vintage and a couple of charity shops and bagged a few bargains.

Rather than trawling through the remaining vintage/charity shops we decided to have a slight spur of the moment tattoo which resulted in the following images.

I am so happy with my tattoo! which by the way took a whole painful hour! The detail on the tattoo is insane, but I do also understand Betti's predicament as I too can only see the artwork if I either take a photo or break my neck trying to look in the mirror.

The long day at Walsall was followed by wine and pizza which was quickly demolished before running to catch the train which we missed, and narrowly missed getting abducted by a drunken man. nice.

The Trip was succesful! I finished the 2 day shopping haul with 2 dresses, 1 jacket, 2 skirts, 5 tops, 2 scarfs, a tattoo and a frigging lethal shopping buddy!

I'm sure you will be seeing photos of my new purchases very soon.

Much Love!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

New Hair, La la la

SO, I finally put down the kitchen scissors and decided to let the professionals have a chop at my ginger-self butchered hair.

This was the outcome!

I went for a shorter, slightly modish hair cut, and I think it's a look worth trying out! I seem to be going shorter and shorter. I've even had a few people comment saying that sooner or later I will be shaving my head. I don't think I'd ever go to that kind of extremity!

anyway I whacked on a bit of slap and a half decent outfit and took a few blog photos.

Yes I do have sun glasses on. no I didn't wear them all day. its bloody freezing and I'm not that stupid that I''m one of those self obsessed people who think they are famous and leave house in the winter with the biggest pair of sunglasses on in the world. get a bloody life! I just saw them lying around and thought they looked cool with my outfit so I chucked em on!

What I Am Wearing
Crazy Dye Dress-Cameo Rose @ New Look
Denim Jacket-D.I.Y by yours truly
Brogue creepers-New Look
Lace Socks-Asda Kids section
Lace collar necklace-New Look
Black Gem Studded Belt-New Look

This dress is bloody amazing may I add. Its one of those that you can throw on when your feeling in a bit of a rubbish mood to brighten up your day! It sort of makes me want to paint, and it fits so lovely that it would literally suit all shapes and sizes! bonus!

Going to leave you now with another song love of mine. Since I went to see them in concert the other day I think its more than appropriate!