Sunday, 4 August 2013

Rainy Days

Day 2 of my holibobs, and in true bad luck Tanya style it is raining again! I tried to take a few snaps indoors which resulted in a few abstracty looking pics which are quite nice so I'll share them with you!  

It stopped raining for a few minutes  so I quickly grabbed my camera and tripod and braved the coldness for a few bloggy snaps! To show you the full effect of my stolen outfit!

What I Am Wearing
Dress-Courtesy of Miss Sophie Reynolds
Hat- Courtesy of Miss Sophie Reynolds

Special thanks to my sister soph who let me pinch her dress and hat for the week ;)

I love the autumny feel of this outfit, I paired it with my ever so lovely dark purplish red lipstick that I must start to wear more often!

How cute is this little shed? I am actually starting to worry that I haven't got enough outfits to photograph in each and every area! there are way too many pretty scenes to show you!

Don't forget to check out my blog tomorrow for day 3 of holiday and more bloggy outfits and beautiful scenes!

Until next time!!


  1. Love the pics Tanya, the top one looks like your in a movie!!! And that she'd is so cute, it looks fab where you are.

    Get down the local chazza's to see what bargains you can find!! You got to make the most of a different town lady!!! Xxx

  2. Love the third photo down!