Saturday, 3 August 2013

Adventure Is Out There

Day one of my holiday to Burnham on sea!

We are staying in a house, well I say house, I mean dream home and sort of hippy like mansion. amazing 

The decor is just amazing and there are hidden little things everywhere making you discover something new at every turn! Including signed vinyls, bongo drums, 2 grand pianos, amazing artwork, old photographs, a grammar-phone and those are just a few mentions!

I definitely recommend checking my blog out everyday this week as I (hopefully) WILL be updating you daily with new pics of my outfits and also house and outdoor daily discoveries! ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE!

Me and my Alex didn't get here until 2am (yawn) as we went to see the cribs in concert last night (pure brilliance) so we had the laziest morning ever and didn't get out of bed til 10am! (jeez)

Here is what I wore today!

What I Am Wearing
Top - Newlook - £12.99
Skirt - Topshop (sale) -£8
Belt - Primark - £1
Socks - Asda (kids section) - 5 for £3
Shoes - Dr.Martens (Sale) - £70

I sort of feel like the flowers amongst the green here. I'm sure I was a flower in a past life.

Warning:Rant ahead.

HAVE YOU SEEN THE AMAZING GARDEN! this is only a small glimpse of the greeny-ness! (yes that's a word) its like a wonderland of ivy and green!
I actually believe I was born in the wrong area and I NEED these trees in my everyday life ITS NOT FAIR. f you are reading this and you get to look at a surrounding like this everyday then please cherish every moment of it and don't take it for granted! 

I may just chop down a tree and stick it in my garden.

Rant over.

It's started raining now so my garden adventures haven't even fully begun!

Stay tuned!!


  1. Tan it looks beautiful and that grammar-phone if you can sneak it back I'll pay ya lol!!! Have fun guys xxx

    1. isn't it beautiful! I'd need a lorry to fit all the things in I want to sneak back ;) haha!