Saturday, 21 April 2012


Look at my new van I've brought! Bah, I wish! You simply cannot even begin to imagine the delight that came to me and my sister as we were walking to town one day and discovered this beauty. It's not very often you see anything slightly "cool" and out of the ordinary in Walsall, but we spotted this baby a mile off! Our faces to passers by must have looked like the kind of faces kids do when the ice-cream van parks right up outside their house and plays its little tune. Much like the one in the above photo.

After having a good 5-10 minute photo shoot with the van of our dreams, we decided to head back on our journey. We half expected the owners of the van to arrive back to their van with us sat on top of it taking even more photos. This could have almost happened with the amount of excitement that came over us!

We originally went down town to get a few presents for my youngest niece, who will be two on the 21st of April, Bless! which we did do... along with some clothes shopping of our own, which we were apparently avoiding.

We brought 2 Dresses, a play-suit & a Skirt, luckily we both liked all of the clothing and couldn't possibly decide on who got  to own each item, so we went halves on all of them! overall the whole 4 items totalled up to £52, so we each only spent £26, which isn't bad for 4 items! I'm sure you shall be seeing these items in future blogs!

On out way to town we took a stop at the ever so eye catching alley way that is just at the end of our road. You can see why I think my area is so amazing... but we made the best of the not so great surroundings!!

Note the utter rubbish graffiti in the background...

note the hidden rubbish in the bushes

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  1. Aha , this was a goood day, camper vans are just amazing , we must buy one, we need 2 learn 2 drive first but you know :P The pictures on the wall in the bushes are nice, we shall have to take them there more often! Face it Tan that's the best were gonna get , were gonna have to put up with the rubbish in the bushes... :P xx

  2. yeah, the rubbish in the bushes is hid pretty well tbf. it is kind of like wheres wally, but instead it's look for the rubbish in the bush..

    I WANT A GREEN CAMPER VAN!!! That wud be amazing, id be happy to live in that! id just need a separate van for my clothes.... yeah.

  3. Love the dress, it has a great pattern! I know what you mean about VW buses, they are the coolest cars on Earth, there's one fantastic one that parks on Portobello road occasionally. I like the last few photos in the bushes, you can hardly see any rubbish at all.

    1. They really are amazing aren't they!

      Thanks for the comment :) <3

  4. The camper van is amazing! And i love you fashion, great outfit, great blog!

    Katie x x

    1. I know!! I fell in love! ha!

      Thanks! :)


  5. I would’ve taken photos as you guys did if I get to see one and pin it! Or better yet, make it my display photo on Pinterest! :D Love, love VW campers! And that one is obviously a classic. The details can’t hide it. -->Arlyne

    1. we could't not take photos of it! its so beautiful! we were half expecting the owner to pop out and look at us like we'd gone crazy! ah well!

      Thanks for the comment!