Friday, 20 April 2012

One Year With The Man Of My Dreams...

April 1st 2012

So me and 'My Boy' have been together a whole year now! It's a weird feeling, I can't figure out if it feels as if I've been with him forever, or just for a few weeks! It's like, I still get all exited about seeing him, and still have a massively stupid smile on my face at the mention of his name, or whenever I see his face, but I also feel as if he is the only person in the world and that its just been me and him forever.

I can't really explain the whole story of how me and him got together, it was just so strange and there were even times where we thought that me and him being together was Impossible.

For our one year anniversary I put a basket of things together that reminded me of him, CD's, DVD's, Chocolate, sweets, Sugarpuffs! all sorts! I wrote a little letter saying that my present wasn't really amazing but it was meaningful! and he loved it! I'm one of those people who prefer to do meaningful and personal presents than just get somebody a voucher!

As well as this I made him this slideshow of our life's so far in photographs! I made it on windows movie maker and put a backing track of songs in the background and then burnt it to a DVD to play on a DVD player. He actually cried a little when it first started playing. He tries to claim he didn't but he did! He hid behind my back so I couldn't see, bless him! he's more emotional then me! (but he hates it when I say that!)

I tried to upload the video, but it must be too long! so I'll just show you a snipet of the video!

This is what he brought me a really pretty necklace, bless him, I love it! And as of yet I haven't taken it off. I think the rest of my jewellery is feeling a bit left out now!!

Nothing else to say! I'll speak to you all soon!


Tanya  x

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  1. Aww as if you've got your own little romantic story aha , I'm so happy you and Alex are together tho! He's amazing :) Love the video you gave him for your anniversary its so cute :) xx