Sunday, 8 April 2012

Guess who's Back!

I've finally had the chance to sit down and sort out my holiday photos and get to writing my blog!
The thing is with my life is that there's either nothing going on at all, or A LOT going on all at once!

So I was in Devon, I cant quite tell you where in Devon because that information has completely gone from my mind ( I never was any good at Geography!)

Monday-The Travelling Outfit!

As mentioned in my last blog I went on a cheeky shopping trip a few days before my holiday and picked up a few new dresses, which I obviously needed to accompany me on my break away from Walsall! This dress was £5, So I basically stole it!

Once we arrived we went on a little walk to the beach, which was only a ten minute walk and of course I was on the look out for some killer photo opportunity spots! I didn't get to have as many taken as I would have liked, I felt pretty bad for pestering Alex every 5 minutes to take a photo of me, with all of his family standing and waiting for me to finish my little photo shoot I had going on! Ah well!

My own personal Street name!

Imagine this background for all of my blog photos! PERFECT!

Dress- BARGAIN! £5 - T.K. Maxx
Bag - Gift- Miss Selfridge
Cardigan- Stolen from my sister - Primark
Shoes - Forever 21 - £10
These photos are only going to make me go on another rant on how obviously better the photo's look instantly, just because I'm in a decent location! Location is everything! but I can't really do much about the location I was born into. BLAH! 

Tuesday-The Shopping Outfit!
We went into a little town on the second day, It had a lot of charity shops! but being in an old peoples town they really were a little bit too old lady and not enough vintage fashion.

Unfortunately the weather decided to piss me off and be horrible and cold. despite this I refused to wear anything but a dress! mainly because that's all I'd packed and partly because the weather WILL NOT dictate how I dress! 
However I did still wear a very thick and oversized jumper over my dress, which hides all the detail on the top of my dress, and also wore a coat, which completely hides my entire outfit hence the lack of photo's and pissed off expression on my face.

Coat - Vintage from eBay
Jumper- Charity shop
Dress & Desert Boots- Newlook
Bag - Same as previous
Necklaces - Vintage & Primark

My Loverrrly Boyfriend - Alex

My obsession with all things maxi has not diminished, and I left the town with a new addition to my maxi dress collection, how could I say now to the sale price of £7? we all know how much I like a bargain! hopefully the weather picks up soon and I can do a dedicated blog to the new maxi! Photos to come!

Wednesday - A DAY AT THE ZOO!

My favourite part of going away with Alex's family is that they know me so well! they know that a perfect day out for me is going to see some animals, particularly monkeys! I have a bit of an obsession and even have a monkey teddy collection. not one bit sad. I have also now decided that I may want to become a zoo keeper and look after monkeys! I could be known as the crazy monkey lady and scare off all the children, the monkeys would accept me into their troop! :)

Once again the weather was a disappointment, but I refused to wear my jumper this day and here's why....

I DID A D.I.Y.! I had a really boring dress and decided to re-invent it! here is what it used to look like....

(Not a great photo, but I didn't have time to put it on and take photos, and I can't even find an old photo of me wearing this! I most likely only wore it once! )

And here is how it looks now.... TA DA!

Shoes- £5.99
Bag- Ancient! Primark
Original dress - Miss Selfridge

Not complete rocket science I'll admit, but its definitely a start to getting creative with my D.I.Y's! The bits of lace were just some off cut rolls selling cheap at my local haberdashery, and were selling for £1 per roll! I only used one roll to line the bottom of my skirt and the neckline, so to create a dress that I'll actually wear for a pound is not too shabby at all! and it didn't take much time at all! so I suggest you all go and pick up some lace, and line all of your unwanted skirts, dresses, shorts, jackets etc. and get re-inventing!

This is becoming quite a long blog, and I've only told you about my first 3 days away, we have another 2 days to go & another 2 Outfits to come! So I Shan't bore you any more! I'll leave you with a few shots of the pretty animals I got to see that day at the zoo! and I'll re-blog within the next few days to tell you all about the last few days of my holiday, and also bowling with my friends on Saturday.

On top of that its mine and Alex's one year anniversary tomorrow! I know, cheesy. were not married or anything but I get exited over these things! so we are going to go out for a meal! and I've got a few surprises up my sleeve for him! I SHALL TELL YOU ALL! but not until after the blog about the rest of my holiday, and bowling. Apologies if anyone actually follows all my blogs and has to put up with reading all my rubbish. BUT THANKS IF YOU DO! :)


Tanya  x  


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress makeover, super cool!

    Jolita x

    1. Thanks so much!! :)

      thanks for the comment! XD

      Much love!

  2. I love your pics from this holiday and your outfits are lovelayyy as always, if only we had pretty destinations like this that we could take pics in! :( xx

    1. I know :( it would be so amazing! MAKE THE MOST OF WHAT WE HAVE! we NEED to go on more adventures when we want to take blog photos, I bet we could find some decent places! :)