Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Gothic Photo Shoot!

Me and my sister went on a photo shoot about a month back! We've got the photos back now and have had a sort through the hundreds to find the best ones! It's quite good because my uncle is a photographer so whenever he needs new material to promote his company he will just take me and my sister out for a free shoot! and we get all the photo's on disk so it's a win win really! he gets promotional photo's and free "models" and we get to dress up for the day, do stupid amount of posing, which is actually quite fun and get loads of free photos! :)

I was dressed as a Goth! And my sister was a sort of hippy! I did enjoy getting a bit gothed up and evil for the day, but I must admit I was slightly jealous of the fact that Sophie got to be a hippy dancing about the place! no fair! but I've told her that i get to be the hippy next time! It was rather funny because Sophie was acting all happy and skipping about the place saying things such as "I wish my eyes could float away out of my body and capture this moment" I replied with "I wish I had a fork to scrape my eyes out from seeing the world!" it was rather funny! :)

Here are my personal favorites of the day!!!

Anyway! hope you liked my photos! I do realise that it's not complete goth, but I did only put it together the night before the shoot with pieces from my existing wardrobe. Next time I think I might have to chose the theme myself and go on a proper shopping spree just for the occasion!  Any excuse to shop ay?



Tanya  x  


  1. Aha , this was a really fun day! I love our shoots , hope we have another one soon! Love the pics btw :D xx

  2. Wow really cool pictures! Tanya, I found your blog via Sophie's. I just left her a comment and was wondering whether you as well would be interested in some blogging collaboration? Please get in touch

    Best wishes,