Sunday, 1 April 2012

Nothing to say!

Right, I haven't done a blog in a while, Believe it or not I've actually been working all week, making it rather difficult to create weird and wonderful outfits out of my existing wardrobe!

This is what I wore Friday!

having a bit of a jump. as you do.

having a bit of a dance, as you do.

Dress- Topshop
Shirt (worn as a jacket)- Charity shop
Necklace - Topshop
Tights- Newlook
Shoes - Forever 21
Belt- probably older than myself.

I was still in a 'wearing summer clothes' mode after our week of glorious sunshine! unfortunately Mr.Weather decided to be a dick and make us all cold again. That didn't stop me wearing my summer dress! I just banged on a pair of thick tights and wore an open shirt over the top! Who says dresses are for summer?

Guess what? I'm only going to bloody Devon tomorrow! yeah okay its not as exiting as going to Paris or something, but for me it is! Its a break away from this rubbish town! only down side is that when I come back I will once again be depressed at the lack of pretty views here in Walsall. I am however looking forward to some lovely photo opportunities in Devon! It's going to be bloody beautiful! Alex may get bored of me wanting loads of photos of just myself, which reminds me I must warn him before we go that he will be my photographer for the week, because I will be away from the usual photographer that is my sister. don't miss me too much Sophie!

I've been a naughty girl today. I've been shopping and brought 2 lovely new dresses! both from T.K. Maxx! I'm not going to bombard you with photos of them today unfortunately, they are going to be 2 of my outfits that I'm saving to take nicer photos of in Devon!
Right, I'm off to try and cram more pretty clothes and accessories into my suitcase! Wish me luck! and I'm sure I'll have all things to tell you when I get back! Try not to miss me! ;)

Peace out!
Tanya  x  



  1. I'll miss youuu! Have an awesome time in Devon, it's so beautiful there :)
    Ahaha classic jump shots! Thems some good photo skillz you got there, whenever Oli tries to take a picture of my jumping he just manages to capture me with a funny face and one leg up, looking like I'm straining with the effort of taking a giant step :(
    Nice shirt and dress combination, it's so summery! You and your sister always have the cutest girly clothes :) xx

    1. I missed you also! nice to see i had several blogs of yours to read on my arrival back to reality!

      don't be fooled, it did take several attempts of me looking petrified and my feet not even left the floor before we got a decent shot! ha!

      We do have A LOT of floral dresses, a few of my more recent outfits have been a bit more boyish as I've decided I need to have a few 'man-ing up' days.


  2. Thanx :D I love your clothes too I think they're wicked! :) And Tanya I'm not missing you at all , I'm just raiding your wardrobe! Mwahahaha :P x

    1. I must start purchasing clothes I know you'll hate, just so you'll stop raiding my wardrobes when I leave for a few days! BIATCCCHHH! ;)