Monday, 26 March 2012

The Vintage Binge!

So I FINALLY went shopping, on a budget though unfortunately. I dread to think of the things i could do with a credit card. drool.  I did pretty well! I avoided anything over £10... how cheap am I? :P

This was my outfit!! 

Top - Primark
Necklace - Topshop
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Forever 21
Ring - Dorothy Perkins
Bracelets - From around the world / Handmade

I actually brought this top for a fancy dress party, dressed as a geek about 2 years ago! back then I looked at it as the most geek-like and granny-fied top. I found it in my dressing up box (yes I have one of those) and I fell in love with it! its amazing!!! Why did i think it was ever horrible?? 

Me, Just before I turned 20. Jesus. I am so different now!

So anyway, me and my dear friend Becky went shopping! Originally we were going into Walsall town to have a browse in the charity shops, but we ended up going to Birmingham into the vintage shop (AGAIN) so glad we did this though! as I got an extremely good bargain.

This is the dress I purchased. can you believe this beaut only cost £4? Made me happy! and I can take it on holiday with me when i go to Devon in April! :)

We went to Urban Village after that, its really cool in there! I saw these bags in there which were made from vinyls! they were only £15-£20! but as I was on a shopping ban I resisted the pretty thing! but I will definitely be making a trip up there after i get some money come my way to get one!! the people in the shop are so lovely! they just talk to you and they have really cool music playing, you just feel like hippy dancing around the shop if I'm honest!

We headed back to Walsall to have a mooch in the charity shops. its a good job we decided to go to the vintage shops because the charity shops were bloody awful! I mean i know they are charity shops and you cant expect much, but i usually find a few items worth purchasing! but they were dreadful! hopefully the next trip I take to the charity shops will be more successful! 

One of the only nice views in Walsall
My second purchase of the day was this dress! I've kind of had a bit of a crush on maxi dresses since I brought the Denim/Black Maxi from Forever 21. Since then i have been drawn to anything maxi. next on the list is a maxi skirt! I really like the pleated maxi skirts, or the really flow-y ones! I MUST GET ONE!

This dress was from (My recent love discovered) T.K. MAXX. This dress was in the sale for £7! their price was originally £20.00 but even that is a cheaper price on what the dress was originally! and its really beautiful too! definitely another taker on my holidays!!! WAHOOO! 

I'm loving the recent heat waves we are having, I'm definitely a slave of the summer! everything is instantly better, everyone is instantly happier. life is just better!! Going to have to have a rummage to find out all of my sunglasses!!!

Iv'e not stopped wearing the 'John Lennon' Like sunglasses, but they are meant to be a shared piece of mine and Sophie's, but I haven't let her have much of a look in :P AH WELL!

Anyway.... I'll leave you with this lovely photo of my niece Emmie which i took today in my Nan & Grandad's garden. Look at her lovely little face!! :) 

Happy Garden Times Ahead!!

Loves & Hippy dances

Tanya  x 


  1. Arrrghh sorry I haven't commented in like a million years, lack of internet is so frustrating :(
    I just looked at yr previous blog post and WOW! Good bloody shout on the crop! It looks amazing, and I bet yr finding it's so much quicker to get ready in the morning with loads less hair! Told you it would suit you, haha.
    I can't believe that dress was only £7, it's beautiful :) such a gorgeous colour and cut. Yo've got a great eye for a bargain!

    1. I don't regret it for a second!! you along with my boyfriend were the only 2 people that didn't look at me with a strange face and say "how short?" when I spoke about getting it cut! I instantly fell in love with it, which did shock me, I thought it would take me a while to get used to it!

      It's not that i have an eye for a bargain, I just have no other choice! I'm too poor to fork out money for expensive things! but who wants to when you can buy bargains like this?? :P

  2. It makes me laugh how you used to hate that top aha , what did you call it again? grannyfied or something like that ? :P I am loving your new clothes as well , I want to go shopping! I haven't bought anything in bloody ages! :( xx

    1. I KNOW! I brought it because it was the geeky-ist horrible-ist top! and its bloody lovey!

      I'm addicted to shopping but have no money. It doesn't work out very well :(