Friday, 9 March 2012

Crazy, Stupid, Shit.

Technology hates me.
It doesn’t usually; I like to think of myself as quite the I.T. geek, sort of. But today I repelled all things technologic. I thought I broke my camera. In process of taking photos of my outfit it just decided to not let me take photos and then switch itself off. It wouldn’t come back on and the lens was just stuck out! I mean I know my photos aren’t amazing but I thought it was just a myth that un-pretty people broke cameras??
I managed to fix it! Turned out I had just killed the battery (but it decided not to give me any warning to that at all!) I’m at my boyfriend’s house today, I had a rant about being bored as we had done nothing all day, so I went on the hunt for photo locations! It’s a bit cold outside and there’s not really anyone to take photos of me so I’ve resorted to standing them on any flat surface I can find, as per usual. I must invest in a camera tripod and carry it around with me everywhere! I’ll then be known as ‘the weird girl who stops and takes photos of herself all the time’… blah.

Here is my outfit of the day!

Shirt- Newlook
Belt- Way too old
Shoes- Forever 21
Necklace- Vintage fair
Everyone always asks me why I’m so dressed up, and every time I get asked this I reply with “I always dress like this!” Seriously, just because I’m sat around the house does not give ANYBODY the right to look tramp-ish (yeah that is a real word...). Yeah it’s nice sometimes to just relax in your pajamas, but I just feel plain lazy if I’ve not got up and dressed and ready for the day! Even if that day does just consist of browsing fashion blogs and drinking tea.

I haven’t had the most productive day, in fact it’s been quite lazy indeed, the most entertaining part of my day was when Alex dropped his digestive biscuit in his cup of tea and was screaming passionately with sadness and anger for the loss of his tea and biscuit. Hilarious.

Other than that we watched a film together! We started to watch ‘Tinker Tailors Soldier Spy’ but I really wasn’t in the mood for a ‘thinking’ film. I wanted easy watching, so after sitting through a good ten minutes of that film, and feeling rather confused, we turned the film off. After much stropping I managed to persuade my boyfriend to watch ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’. I would actually recommend it a watch! That guy out of the notebook is in it and looking rather good I must say ;) so that always helps when watching a film!

I also completed reading my book, I Heart Vegas by Lindsay Kelk. Seriously, any girl in the word should read this series of books! So far there are four books and there is a fifth coming out in June! (Which by the way I am overly excited about) GET IT! READ IT! SERIOUSLY! :) I’m not a huge reader, but I instantly fell in love with these books and was hooked after the first page! After that you just can’t put the book down! I’ve only had that feeling over a few books.

Until next time


Tanya  x 


  1. Lovely outfit :D Your hair looks well nice like this you should do it that way more often! :) I must say your pictures are getting better too :P Aha xx

    1. Thanks soph! gna start having a play around with my hair. getting bored of it now! think i might need it cut but I'm scared :( I'm liking my photo styles too! improving! haha! :)

  2. Arrrrgh my camera does that all the time. Bloody technology. I've always wanted to get a tripod but I'm too scared of using it in public as my poses are so awkward - I reckon you should go for it though as you have it dowwwwn! Lovely lovely outfit :) Especially loving the knee high socks. I should probs inform you that I also have MAJOR hair envy right now!
    And you are right, there is always a need to be dressed up :)

    1. yeah, I need to either get a tripod or start asking random people to take my photo. but around my area they'll probably take my camera and run! I don't think your poses are awkward haha! they always look pretty cool to me!

      THANKS! I'm getting to a stage where I'm looking into my wardrobe and thinking I have no clothes, which is obviously a lie, I think it just means I want to go shopping!

      I'm really hating my hair at the moment! but I get scared to have it cut! haha!

      Thanks for the comment XD <3 xxxx

  3. The print on your dress is really cute!

  4. So cute with the knee high socks! XD x