Monday, 12 March 2012

Another day...

Just an average past few days but I’ve had the opportunity to take a few photos of my outfits!

I wore this yesterday, as the sun was shining I thought I’d get a bit summery with this lovely number I picked up from a charity shop. It was slightly big on me so I wasn’t sure whether to buy it, but when I saw that it was originally from Topshop, I decided £3 for the dress was a bargain and that it would just have to have a belt to clinch in the waist to make it fit! :) Really pleased I brought it but I’ve only worn it three times since I brought it November. Once for my sisters birthday meal, once for a 60's inspired photo shoot I did, and yesterday! I really should wear it more! It just annoys me because it tends to fall off my shoulders with all the extra material and all.

On the evening we went out for a meal for my boyfriend’s mom's belated birthday! Nowhere extravagant, just a pub meal, it was rather nice though! They had a lot of vegetarian choice which is unusual for a pub; I mean they usually offer 2 choices, a vegetarian lasagne or a cheese pizza! Exiting... but this pub even had Quorn fillets! So I was well chuffed! Also managed to get through a bottle and a half of rosè wine, I shared with his mom, I didn’t drink it all to myself :P and this is what I wore to that! :)

Shirt-Charity shop
Bet- Very old and falling apart.

Today I’ve had a day full of tasks! Actually wrote down what I needed to do on a piece of paper and I’ve managed to do 5 out of 7! Obviously tidying my bedroom can wait until another day!

I’m getting excited for the weekend now! Me and my family and boyfriend are going up to Weymouth! Because my boyfriend is at university we can’t have a long weekend there :( but we are going to go up there early Saturday morning and leave about 6ish on Sunday. I have relatives up there who used to live in rubbish old Walsall with us until they escaped for a better life (lucky buggers) and we didn’t see them for years until we recently got back into touch and met up a few times! But it’s our uncles 50th birthday and they are throwing him a 60's style surprise party! One of the surprises being we will be there!
We’ve got our 60's costumes all ready, me and Sophie have actually brought 60's vintage dresses, you can’t get more 60's then that ay! But it will be a nice mini break anyway!


I got this outfit all planned out the day before, I took it to my boyfriends, woke up the next day and it looked so dull outside I nearly cried! I’m waiting for the sun! I love the summer! Everything is better when the suns out... I still wore the outfit anyway! Just had to put some tights on and a cardigan when I got home! Bloody freezing!

Peace out ;)

Tanya  x 


  1. Absolutely looooove the dress in the first pic, it's so pretty! And then the 2nd outfit is so edgy - great how versatile your style is! :D x

  2. thanks so much!! :) I do love miing my style up, don't get so bored with things then! XD xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks!! It is quite pretty! can't wait to get more use out of it in the summer!

      Checked out your blog! :) Following!

      Thanks for the comment! x

  4. Love the first dress! So pretty :)