Thursday, 8 March 2012

Getting my sketch on

Well a few weeks ago I told you I'd discovered my sketch books and was going to start drawing again! And I HAVE! :) Here are a few photos of my work, I'm not one of my biggest fans, in fact I am my worst critic, I always think my work is just plain rubbish but my boyfriend loves my work, He appears to be my biggest fan and I have a list of things he wants me to draw and paint, I’ve got my own little gallery going on in his room! Check it out!

Hate this one, so I'm re-doing it at this precise moment.
Oh and it's meant to be Serge Pizzorno, from Kasabian... but I messed his whole face up,
and then I got angry so I'm doing it again! 

Little kind of play around thing,
It's Carl Barat, from The Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things
The lyrics behind him are to the song Gin & Milk, listen to it, its good :)

The Gallery so far, I quite like the union jack one I did, mainly because its meant to look messy
it didn't have to be perfect, and I like imperfections!
Noely G. Don't really like this one either but my boyfriend loved it, So he kept it!

The Libertines album art...
Meant to be Liam Gallagher

The Beatles - Abbey Road
Don't even get me started on how George looks like he is walking into the sky...

Pete Doherty
Possibly my most proud piece, so nobody can say bad things about this one!
John Lennon, looking slightly like Jesus...

Last but not least! my cartoon-y  sketch of me and my boy :) <3

 Getting in the crafty spirit I brought some lace to jazz up some existing pieces in my wardrobe! And to maybe edit a few future charity shop purchases? Or perhaps it’s just going to be another one of those "I will do that one day" tasks. You never know! you may just see a photo on here soon of a second D.I.Y. Piece!?

It’s getting to that time of the month where I realise I’m not rich, and have probably already spent way too much on clothes... but on the bright side our eBay selling has become quite successful! So at least I've got a bit of back up money there! I’d just rather keep it aside for something other than funding for my shopping addiction!

HERE IS WHAT I WORE TODAY! Given me a good excuse to take some photos, as this is one of the purchases from COW the other day which I didn’t take a photo of! So I've made up for it now by taking, well, quite a few...

£6 Dress- Vintage Cow, love this dress so much!
Belt- had it for years and years...
Cardigan-Topshop-had it out the sale about 2 years ago! still has a few years left in it!
shoes! new addition from forever 21, in the sale at £9.99, already managed to batter them slightly... :(

Complete the look with a classy bobble bracelet... yeah.

I go from taking hardly any photos on my last blog, to taking way too many! Ah well, I like a bit of variety! 

I think I may have got excited as the locations of the photos don’t look too bad considering I’m only in my house! :) The weather helped as I got to take a few in my garden, I think they look quite nice, got to remember to take photos of tomorrows outfit! I really am in need of a personal photographer.

Not going to bore you too much today with useless information :)

Until next time!

Tanya  x 


  1. You soo copied my photography destination! :P Aha , I must admit your pics look way better tho tbh I'm rather impressed with them lol :P Tan I bloody love your drawings! Why can't I draw like that :( no fair... xxx

    1. actually mom recommended that spot before you even took the photos there :P and I did it in my ownn wayyy :P

      I Can't draw, they're bloody awful.

    2. Okay I'll let you off aha , how the hell can you say you cant draw ? Your mental woman...

  2. At least you've started drawing again! I'm always like "Naw I can't draw." and that's the end. Actually I know that the ability to draw can develope if you just give it a go, but anyway...
    I think your drawing style is pretty cool, I understand that your boyfriend is your fan. In most of the drawings above you have a rather "rough" style, I like it, I'm not so much into super-detailed works, I prefer a little edginess ;)

    1. I've really not been in the mood to draw, I get angry because they're rubbish. haha! you should start again! I suppose it should more be about the enjoyment of it than the quality but if its crap then I don't want to draw! yeah I like them to be a lil bit edgy and unfinished, messy is my style in most things in life! :) hahah!

      Thanks for the comment! XD