Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The lovely place that is Weymouth

Caution! Very long blog ahead!

I went away for a (very short) break in Weymouth. We have relatives that live up there; we only got back in touch with them a few years ago, and are now trying to reunite every year!
Weymouth is the best of the countryside and the seaside in one! It’s so lovely! Especially when the only bits of water you’ll see flowing down the streets of Walsall are the occasional drunken piss streams. Nice.

Me and Alex didn’t leave until the Saturday morning so it was a bit of a mad rush! We got up at quarter to 6 (which isn’t enough time to get any beauty sleep really is it?) Armed with our Libertines, Arctic Monkeys, The Smiths, Baby shambles and even more CD’s we headed off to our 3 and a half hour car Journey to paradise!
Of course it wasn’t that smooth of a journey, we are talking about me, bad luck follows me and I’m utterly hopeless at everything in life! It did go all according to plan until the Satnav told us to turn left into the middle of a field, which obviously we didn’t do, and then it told us that we were in the middle of nowhere, not even on a road! I think it was more confused than me, so we were completely lost for about half an hour of our journey. Luckily I don’t drive else we definitely would have ended up in the middle of a field surrounded by cows. Moo.
Once we arrived, we set out again up Weymouth town where we discovered a very lovely old fashioned Vinyl shop. It was lovely! We spent a good half hour in there and then came back to it for a second browse! Sadly I didn’t get to find any secret hidden shops! I should have definitely done a little research into vintage shops in Weymouth but I don’t necessarily think all the time.

Skirt and Shirt- H&M
Shoes- Newlook

The Vinyl Shop!

Pretty Little Street

Saturday night…
So this is what we mainly came down for! My uncle was having a party for his 50th, so his family had invited us to come up, on the sly, so we could surprise him on his birthday! My ever so lovely nan and granddad came along too, just to surprise everyone even more!
It was such a funny night! Me and my family were the first ones to get some dancing going on in the living room to some good old 60’s music, and danced around the room like hippies! If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to party :) others sat back and laughed at us for a while, but once they had a bit of persuasion by the party animal that is my Dad, everyone was up dancing!

We went to a small beach next to the place my cousin works, it’s so cute, she works in a little gift shop right on the seaside, how cool is that! We stayed there for a while just chatting and taking in all the splendid views, then took a drive to the top of this cliff where you can see over the top of the town! How pretty!?

After this we headed out to get a spot to eat before me and Alex set out on our long journey back home! I seriously wished we hadn’t.
Warning, at this point I’m either going to have a huge rant, or start crying (again).
We went to a pub called the spyglass inn. Never go here. The rest of my family quite enjoyed having their carvery dinners with only a few complaints to spill. Me on the other hand, well… I’m a vegetarian. There were only 3 options for a vegetarian, but I’m used to having little choice on menus! I decided to go with the vegetarian cottage pie, which was served with cabbage, peas and carrots. Everybody else was half way through their dinner before mine even arrived, which didn’t hugely bother me. What did bother me were the pieces of meat I discovered amongst the vegetables. WHAT THE HELL!? I immediately pushed my plate away from me and said “I am not eating that!” everyone else kind of replied with “it might be tofu” or “they wouldn’t put meat on the plate!” everyone kind of calmed me down and I moved the pieces of suspected meat away from the rest of my food. I just couldn’t let it rest that I may have meat there, and the fact that I could have possibly or may have even eaten some made me feel physically sick! I went up to someone who worked there, and too them probably asked them a weird question. “what is this?” the woman replied with “well it looks like meat, why?” which I responded with “well can you find out what it actually is because I’ve ordered a vegetarian meal and appear to have meat in my food” the woman scampered off to the kitchen and came back with her face like a slapped arse “we are sincerely sorry” that’s all that needed to be said, I went straight to the loos and threw up. Classy. My older sister followed me and as I came out of the loo’s she asked if I was okay, and that was it. I was in tears. Ha.
They refunded me and my boyfriend’s meals, which probably made Alex happy, but to me it really didn’t make anything better! I really don’t think I did eat any of it, but how the hell do you manage to serve tiny pieces of meat in a vegetarian meal!!?
I don’t think ordinary folk quite understand it, I tried to kind tell them that if they had a human finger on their dinner plate, that they would feel how I do, but they then reply with “not really, that’s different because that’s cannibalism” sorry mate but to me cannibalism is just as bad as eating animals so it is EXACTLY THE SAME! I cannot even put into word how upset and angry I was about all this!

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant, and if you skipped past the whole last paragraph well I don’t blame you because this is an extremely long blog and I am now rambling on to make it even longer!

Until next time!


Tanya  x 

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