Thursday, 27 June 2013

A Dedicated blog to Dr. Martens

Hey there!

Just a quick blog to announce how excited I was when I discovered I had made the June Shortlist for the Dr. Martens Style competition!

I decided to add a photo to the competition as a sort of 'well, why not' when it means you have the opportunity to win a pair of doccers, I may as well have a go at it! (because we all know having 2 pairs of Dr. Martens isn't enough at all!)

I actually did a little squeak and said 'THAT'S ME ON THE DR.MARTENS PAGE!' when I noticed my face scrolling through the album! ARGH!

If I would have trawled the millions of photos I might have added a different one which made me think about what photo I should have maybe added to get more of a chance of winning!

this was one of the first photos I spotted of me wearing my docs and I thought 'I don't look too bad I suppose' so that one just sort of, made do!

this is the photo I used but I'm sort of wondering whether I should have used a different one, such as one of these:

Any-who I'm happy as Larry (whoever he is) because my picture that I put on made it to the shortlist! so it must have been good to be chosen as one of the top 25 out of god only knows how many people who entered! actually feel honored!

Speak to you all soon dearys!

oh and please like the photo HERE! ;)

Thanks Guys!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lipstick-less days

Its a rare occasion to catch me taking photo's without being fully equipped with red lippy, It wasn't until I looked back at my photos that I realized I completely forgot to lippy myself up. So my face looks slightly odd.

Whenever I forget to wear my lipstick I often get people look at me with a concerned face and ask "are you okay, you look unwell". It's lovely to know that I look like I'm on deaths door with regular colored lips.

Another holiday outfit and surprisingly the bulk of the outfit came from the dreaded shop that is Primark... yep. Not that I am slating the shop (which I am a bit) but we all know the quality of clothing is a complete and utter shambles and you have to shop most of the departments off the floor which is where most of the clothes end up. But we went to Primark in a desperate search for cheap clothes to fill out our hollibob suitcases and I have to say, I was not disappointed when I created this ensemble.

What I Am Wearing
Denim Bralet - Primark - £12
Floral Skirt - Primark - £9
Belt (multipack) - Primark - £2
Studded Jelly Shoes - New Look - £12.99
Peace Studded Bag - New Look - £9.99?
Sunglasses - H&M - Stolen From Sophie - ???

I absolutely love these jelly shoes from New Look! Its set me off on a new fetish of owning my own pair of old fashioned jelly shoes, you know the ones that we used to wear when we were children? I am definitely going to be the owner of a pair of Children's jelly shoes shortly! Its a good job I'm only a size 3 shoe ay?

I don't believe I've told you all that I now have my nose pierced! I had it done ages ago but haven't  even blogged about it yet (bad blogger alert) I can't wait to get all my holiday outfits out the way so I can show you that I am back to my ginger ways! wahey!

Until next time my lovely's! 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

I'm a (ship)wreck

Hey guys! I have managed to find some time to write another blog so I am taking full advantage! I have a lot more photos to show you from my holiday in Zante! It's quite funny that you hear 'Zante' and think "oooh Mad clubbing holiday" when in fact I probably drank more tea than alcoholic beverages. Living the dream.

This day as I recall we decided to have a little day trip out! We got a little lost and took a detour and a place that was meant to take us 30 minutes to get to took us over an hour! But I did enjoy the pretty views!

We went on a boat trip to a beach called Navagio Beach, also known as smugglers cove or shipwreck beach! The beach was lovely, Although it was a pebble beach and absolutely killed my feet, the sea was bright blue and completely see through! me and Sophie just had to go and swim out in it!  

On the beach itself there was a giant shipwreck, hence the name shipwreck beach I guess (no shit) it wasn't until the day after we discovered you could actually go inside it and explore (gutted)

anyway, enough gabbling on about beaches and more about clothes!

I brought this bloody beautiful floral frock from Primark believe it or not! I am a massive sucker for an all over flowery dress and this just fit the bill perfectly for my sunny week away!

The hat was a bargain purchase last summer from New Look in the sale, I'm pretty sure it was a daft price like £4 so I snapped that bad boy up sharpish! It is possibly the best hat in the world as it goes with absolutely everything!

What I Am Wearing
Hat-New Look Sale-£4
Shoes-Asda-£?-years old

Casually making friends with a bug.
I feel like one of those annoying family friends that feels the need to show you ALL of their holiday photos within a few minutes so I hope you enjoy the blog and don't get too bored of looking at me on my holiday! PEACE OUT!