Saturday, 1 June 2013

I'm a (ship)wreck

Hey guys! I have managed to find some time to write another blog so I am taking full advantage! I have a lot more photos to show you from my holiday in Zante! It's quite funny that you hear 'Zante' and think "oooh Mad clubbing holiday" when in fact I probably drank more tea than alcoholic beverages. Living the dream.

This day as I recall we decided to have a little day trip out! We got a little lost and took a detour and a place that was meant to take us 30 minutes to get to took us over an hour! But I did enjoy the pretty views!

We went on a boat trip to a beach called Navagio Beach, also known as smugglers cove or shipwreck beach! The beach was lovely, Although it was a pebble beach and absolutely killed my feet, the sea was bright blue and completely see through! me and Sophie just had to go and swim out in it!  

On the beach itself there was a giant shipwreck, hence the name shipwreck beach I guess (no shit) it wasn't until the day after we discovered you could actually go inside it and explore (gutted)

anyway, enough gabbling on about beaches and more about clothes!

I brought this bloody beautiful floral frock from Primark believe it or not! I am a massive sucker for an all over flowery dress and this just fit the bill perfectly for my sunny week away!

The hat was a bargain purchase last summer from New Look in the sale, I'm pretty sure it was a daft price like £4 so I snapped that bad boy up sharpish! It is possibly the best hat in the world as it goes with absolutely everything!

What I Am Wearing
Hat-New Look Sale-£4
Shoes-Asda-£?-years old

Casually making friends with a bug.
I feel like one of those annoying family friends that feels the need to show you ALL of their holiday photos within a few minutes so I hope you enjoy the blog and don't get too bored of looking at me on my holiday! PEACE OUT!


  1. Fantastic post my dear, really love your outfits and so happy to hear you had a wonderful time on your holiday! <333 Looking forward to a new post! ^^ Followed your wonderful blog <3

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  2. OHHH MY HAT that water, that shipwreck, THAT BEACH!!! How did you ever find the strength to come home? I seriously would have just clung onto any available surface and refused to get on the plane back. You look epic in all yr holibobs pics by the way! You must have some serious packing skills, because whenever I put my holiday wardrobe together I always end up looking like a prick when I get to my destination. But you nailed it!
    PS look at meeee, I'm commenting again for the first time in ages. Scary stuff.
    Muchos love xxxx

  3. That water looks heavenly! Yay for holidays :)