Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lipstick-less days

Its a rare occasion to catch me taking photo's without being fully equipped with red lippy, It wasn't until I looked back at my photos that I realized I completely forgot to lippy myself up. So my face looks slightly odd.

Whenever I forget to wear my lipstick I often get people look at me with a concerned face and ask "are you okay, you look unwell". It's lovely to know that I look like I'm on deaths door with regular colored lips.

Another holiday outfit and surprisingly the bulk of the outfit came from the dreaded shop that is Primark... yep. Not that I am slating the shop (which I am a bit) but we all know the quality of clothing is a complete and utter shambles and you have to shop most of the departments off the floor which is where most of the clothes end up. But we went to Primark in a desperate search for cheap clothes to fill out our hollibob suitcases and I have to say, I was not disappointed when I created this ensemble.

What I Am Wearing
Denim Bralet - Primark - £12
Floral Skirt - Primark - £9
Belt (multipack) - Primark - £2
Studded Jelly Shoes - New Look - £12.99
Peace Studded Bag - New Look - £9.99?
Sunglasses - H&M - Stolen From Sophie - ???

I absolutely love these jelly shoes from New Look! Its set me off on a new fetish of owning my own pair of old fashioned jelly shoes, you know the ones that we used to wear when we were children? I am definitely going to be the owner of a pair of Children's jelly shoes shortly! Its a good job I'm only a size 3 shoe ay?

I don't believe I've told you all that I now have my nose pierced! I had it done ages ago but haven't  even blogged about it yet (bad blogger alert) I can't wait to get all my holiday outfits out the way so I can show you that I am back to my ginger ways! wahey!

Until next time my lovely's! 

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  1. You look so cute in that outfit, and I just love the denim bralet, it reminds of the 80's/90's :P It matches the floral skirt so well :)