Sunday, 29 July 2012

Book of stories.

I was asked into work today, but shopping somehow seemed more important. It has been a while since me and my lovely sister Sophie have had a shopping trip together, and with me starting work at Newlook on Monday, it just seemed the perfect opportunity.

This is what I wore! minus the shirt, as I brought that from the Vintage shop in Walsall, which we have only recently discovered, who knew?!
It's A lovely little shop right at the top of the market in the town called Em's Vintage, It's only a little shop, but it was really quirky and fitting to the Vintage feel of it all. We managed to find 2 shirts and a dress so the trip was pretty successful!

I Am Wearing:
Grey Midi Dress - (AS SHOWN HERE) -Topshop
Floral Midi Skirt - Charity Shop - £1.99
Battered Shoes -Forever 21- £9.99
Vintage Floral Shirt - £6

My friends now call me by the name of "granny" apparently it's because of my sense of style, I tell them that if their Gran dresses like me, then me and her must go shopping together! One of my favourite purchases of the week has got to be this Skirt. We brought a top too (Which I NEED to show you guys) which cost me only 99p! so we manage to buy a whole outfit for £3! Breaking the bank ay?

Just to let you know, I haven't blogged for a while due to a recent traumatic period of my life, me turning 22.
But you didn't hear that, I am 21, and staying 21 forever.

Peace out my blogger friends! <3

Friday, 20 July 2012

Call me your ginger princess

So I did it, I finally plucked up the courage to buy some blonde hair dye. I was hoping to go ginger. worst scenario would be that I turn bleach blonde and look like a complete idiot. I definitely wouldn't suit being blonde. The perfect scenario would be that I would go ginger, which I have wanted to do for ages, I just haven't had the balls!

A lot of reactions to me saying I wanted to be ginger are "why?" or just simply laughing out loud. I just look back with a unimpressed expression and smile. I really don't care :)

SO HERE IS THE OUTCOME! to be honest, I would like to be slightly more BRIGHT ginger, but this will do for now :) we shall see what the future brings for me and my colourful hair!

Let me know what your thoughts are!

Keep Smiling :)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

You f*cking Love it.

It's been a while since I posted anything, anywhere, I feel bad. I've really missed it. I think its a combination of not having the time, having a lot to do, and having absolute rubbish weather. gotta love England.

Anyway, this is what I wore the other day, I didn't go anywhere special in particular, but I brought this new skirt for £10 from T.K. Maxx and felt the need to show it of! it had been a while since I had treated myself to shopping so I felt like I had to pick up this cheeky bargain ;)

Its a Dip Hem skirt, which I haven't brought before despite the inclined popularity in them. I think it's probable because I sort of hate following the crowd if you know what I mean. Individuality is the way forward. However instead of going for the classic pastel colours and floaty material, I went for this almost pin up girl style, so I'm still classing this as me being different. lol.

I really want to try doing a pin up style hair do, like a real Marilyn Monroe-esque  up do. I'm going to need to research this before my birthday party next week and have a bit of a trial do. wish me luck.

I'm also really thinking about having a hair colour change? what do you reckon? I've always had a bit of a crush on ginger hair, and am really pondering on weather or not to just grow some balls and go for it. I edited a photo of my self on what I would sort of look like if I went ginger. Ta da!?

Hopefully my next blog post won't have such a huge gap in between, and I hope you are all preparing for my blog to be full of Newlook clothes as of Sunday when I start my new job! scared? indeed  :|


Thursday, 12 July 2012

Counting down the days

I't's July, which only means one thing. I am getting old. I will be 22 next month, which to some may not sound old, but I feel like I am getting older, and I need to start being a responsible adult, The idea of that surprisingly isn't very appealing to me..

The only upside to it being my birthday is the following things :-

1. More Money, More Shopping
2. Presents!!
3. MY PARTY!!!

I have decided to have a vintage tea party for my birthday! so hopefully the weather will brighten up a bit!

I have raided my Nan's cupboards and come away with all sorts of vintage/miss matched cups and saucers, plates, sugar dishes, cake stands etc. They are quite amazing, and I cant wait to take loads of photos on the day to show you all show amazing the things are!

So to prepare for this day me and my sister had a Baking day! just to trial a few things that are going to be made!

A few things that we are going to have at my party are

- Millions of cupcakes
-Ginger Bread Men
-Jam sandwiches
-cucumber sandwiches

A lot of the cakes will be made by yours truly. I can cook, when I want to! But I decided I should have a bit of practice, so I spent the day making a few things, and this was the outcome, in photos.

Having another baking day tomorrow! I seriously cannot wait for my party, purely because I am going to take millions of photos of all the food and deco that I'll have :')

Until next time!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Today is a Dream

Today has been absolutely crazy. And I have so much to share with you, I don't think I have the space on this tiny blog to write all the things I need to say.

Number one.

I brought a new camera! a  DSLR a Lumix... something. anyway, its good :) me and my sister went halves on it, but haven't really had the chance to fully test it out! the weather has been absolutely rubbish and I have to practically swim to work in the morning. But I am looking forward to testing it out my outfits!!

Number 2.

You will not believe. If you have read every single pointless post of mine you will know my older sister is a Supervisor at New Look, and today my younger sister had an interview there.
To cut a long story short, the manager of New Look randomly came and spoke to me and offered me an
interview for a 20 hour contract for the stores V.M.! :O

If you don't know what a V.M. is, well it stands for Visual Merchandiser. This is basically the person that dresses mannequins (my favourite part) and basically puts the clothes out onto the shop and arranges them prettily. Pretty much my dream job landed in my lap as if it had fallen out of the sky.

It's going to be hard leaving work, they've done a lot for me really and I've learnt a lot from them, but I guess now its time to move on to better things!

Anyway here is an outfit I wore the other night to go out for a meal with my lovely boyfriend of mine!
these we're taken with my old camera, so they are okay, but have nothing on my new camera ;)


Shoes- Primark
Belt- Vintage

I don't like to wear clothes the right way. I wanted to wear something new so I tied my shirt up at tucked it under itself to create a crop over the top of my floral dress to invent a completely new outfit. This is how it turned out! :)

Hope you are all well!

Monday, 2 July 2012

It's hard to dance with the devil on your back

I miss my dancing so much, I havent been or taught any classes in a while, and dancing is just a part of me, I need to be creative in all expects of my life!

I really need to get back into it, athough despite having a lot of work on I feel skint as hell, perhaps its all that shopping I do? oh dear. dance or shopping. really don't think I could make that decision. Lets combine the two!

Dress-T.K.Maxx - £7 | Belt - Vintage

I took these dancey style photos at a photo shoot taken, just for a different kind of photo to the rest that were taken. I think they look really contemporary! I wore my nude coloured maxi dress which actually looks really good as a contemporary dress, although it would probably be quite difficult to dance in, it does look really pretty though! :)

GOOD NEWS THOUGH! my classes will hopefully start again this Saturday, if I can actually re-arrange my shift at work all should be well. and to tell you the truth, I can't bloody wait :)

Until Next Time!!