Thursday, 12 July 2012

Counting down the days

I't's July, which only means one thing. I am getting old. I will be 22 next month, which to some may not sound old, but I feel like I am getting older, and I need to start being a responsible adult, The idea of that surprisingly isn't very appealing to me..

The only upside to it being my birthday is the following things :-

1. More Money, More Shopping
2. Presents!!
3. MY PARTY!!!

I have decided to have a vintage tea party for my birthday! so hopefully the weather will brighten up a bit!

I have raided my Nan's cupboards and come away with all sorts of vintage/miss matched cups and saucers, plates, sugar dishes, cake stands etc. They are quite amazing, and I cant wait to take loads of photos on the day to show you all show amazing the things are!

So to prepare for this day me and my sister had a Baking day! just to trial a few things that are going to be made!

A few things that we are going to have at my party are

- Millions of cupcakes
-Ginger Bread Men
-Jam sandwiches
-cucumber sandwiches

A lot of the cakes will be made by yours truly. I can cook, when I want to! But I decided I should have a bit of practice, so I spent the day making a few things, and this was the outcome, in photos.

Having another baking day tomorrow! I seriously cannot wait for my party, purely because I am going to take millions of photos of all the food and deco that I'll have :')

Until next time!

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