Wednesday, 29 February 2012

How'd you like that.

I've been a bad blogger, well a busy one! I’ve had absolutely no time at all to write a new post! I've missed it! I feel like a massive let down for not posting one for ages!

The date to the vintage fair is drawing closer and
I’m finding it harder and harder to resist buying pretty clothes. I need to save my money to spend at the vintage fair! After all, the stuff there is going to be one of a kind! Unlike the generic stuff in most stores!

I'm running out of clothes in my wardrobe to show you, so I'm going to have to start setting myself fashion tasks. One task me and my sister were going to do was the weekly wardrobe mix up! So for one week we wear whatever we want, then the next week, we have to wear the same clothes as the week before but mix them up with each other to create totally different outfits! It’s do-able! :) So I've started this from Monday :) and we shall see what I come up with! Ill have to do an evaluation blog at the end of the two weeks and do comparison photos! I'm also going to tell my sister to do the task with me check out MY SISTER!'S blog :) anyone else who wants to join our little task feel free!

Here’s how my first 2 outfits have turned out! :)


Dress- Miss Selfridge
Shirt - Topshop


Dress- Topshop
Tights - Primark
Cardigan- Charity Shop

Nothing to do with my outfit, just a cool pic of the signature red lips & hair!

I don’t have a Wednesday outfit as I’ve been at work all day! Although, instead of wearing my usual boring black uniform, we got to get a bit creative! It was too bad that I only got one day’s notice, so I could only get creative with my existing wardrobe. The theme was superheroes and villains! And of course with my red hair, and my love for the colour green, what better character to be than Poison Ivy? :) This was my outcome of my D.I.Y. fancy dress costume (which I made in less than an hour!)

I’m a bit of a fancy dress queen, I do love making costumes because they don’t have to be all perfect, they can be messy and all over the place, which is more like the person I am! I love making my Halloween costumes and all that! So I think I need to up my game and start making a few clothes to actually wear in the day! I’m pretty sure I could manage a skirt! I will try it one day! Need to invest in a sewing machine (as well as a lot more pretty clothes!)

I'll leave you on this lovely note, Alex went out the other night, came back slightly drunken but with this romantic gesture, how sweet :)


Tanya  x 

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Words of wisdom

I brought such a cute outfit today! Not for me, but for my nieces. I went to H&M before work today and took a quick browse into the kids section. And oh my god, they have some stuff in there that I would wear myself!
So although my niece’s birthdays aren’t until April and June, I HAD to buy these very cute outfits! Just look at them! I honestly would wear them myself if they were bigger :)

Denim Jacket - £9.99

Dress- Sale- £1!

Work again today, wahey! Still on the lookout for another job, I really need more money to fund my shopping addiction and I have got ALOT of holidays booked for this year! This means I need more money, and more outfits! I really do need to start selling my shiz on fleebay sharpish!

(Dead cheap as well because we don’t want to be rich, we just want a bit more money to fund our addiction :P)

IVE PUT SOME OF THEM ON EBAY NOW! WHAEY! And I have actually sold 2 them already! Few of the items are still to be put on there! :) were getting all business-y now! We want to start selling loads of cool clothes on there, like some of our little findings that we may come across in the vintage stores and such!

If you fancy having a look at what we've got on sale then visit our eBay store! :) Vintage.Kiss.x

I suppose I shall leave you with my outfit of the day! I haven't worn anything exiting in a few days as I've been working (YAY) but I managed to put this outfit together today, what do you think? :)

Shirt-Charity shop
Belt- Charity shop
Boots - Primark

I have only worn this dress once or twice, I don’t know why because it’s really nice! I think it’s going to have to go on the “to take on my holidays” list! Talking about that, I think me and my sister may have to fight over our many shared items as to who gets to take what on holiday: / that will be fun!

THE BOOTS! Ahhhh the lovely boots! They are like doc martens! With heels! And I only paid about 10 quid for them! I saw them (when I weren’t meant to be spending money) in Primark in the sale! I instantly fell in love with them and stood there in a sulk because I wanted them so badly! My friend offered to buy them for her because I didn’t take my card because I knew that I would buy things if I did! I still brought them regardless of bringing my card or not! I don’t regret it for a second though! I am in love with them, but I can’t walk in them for too long, because I’m rubbish in heels, so they sit in my wardrobe and look pretty until I know I’m going somewhere where I don’t have to walk far!

Peace! :)

Tanya  x  

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ballet round 2!

Beauty and the Beast is of course the same thing as Sleeping Beauty right? Of course it’s not! There both good of course, but my sister is a bit, well, stupid :) haha! it wasn’t until we actually got to the venue and saw the posters hadn’t changed since yesterday and thought "hmmm, do you think the ballet is actually Sleeping Beauty?" shouldn’t really let my younger sister do the organizing : P

We had better seats this time so we didn’t have to do any sly moving around the theater looking for a seat to pinch! We did still however have our ultra-elegant bottles of pop in our pockets and this time a bag of 
milky bar buttons each! mmmm!

This is what I wore this time!! :)

not doing too bad on pretending to be elegant! I think I pull it off, if you just saw me walk down the street dressed like I have the past few days, you’d think I’m all posh and snooty!

I brought this dress a while back for my nieces Christening party, I haven’t worn it since! So the ballet was a perfect opportunity to bring it back to life!
The clutch bag was
 £110! I didn't buy it :p I actually won it on Asos Fashionfinder! created an outfit for a competition and won the daily prize! was well chuffed! and its a bloody good clutch bag, I'm just scared to use it :)

Did a bit more recreating of outfits in my wardrobe today and this is what I decided to wear! 

Dress & Shirt - Topshop

The dress was what I wore for a BBQ on my 21st Birthday, it is a lovely dress. And I wore a mustard shirt over the top which I tied in a not and tucked underneath the shirt to make it shorter. I decided to put some heels on, because I do like heels, a lot, but I just can’t walk in them very well. However these shoes are the most comfortable heels EVER!

IT’S PAYDAY TOMMOROW! This means a trip to the vintage shop in Walsall which I keep on saying I’m going to go to!! Also might even pop back up to Vintage cow, as it’s just so lovely there!

On top of that there’s a vintage fair that travels to different places and its coming to Birmingham! Check it out here to see if one will be near you! I’m really looking forward to going there, will definitely be an adventure and I know I’ll find way too many pretty things that my bank balance can’t handle!!


Tanya  x 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I wrote this yesterday, but I forgot to publish it so yeah…. So pretend this was yesterday’s blog and I’ll do todays tomorrow! :)

I envy people who can be elegant, I really cannot be elegant, I can try, but I fail miserably! It really just doesn’t suit me, if I wore a really floaty white dress id just look really frumpy I reckon. I don’t do elegant, I am very jealous of the people who look all angelic and lady like. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!

The reason I say this is because tonight is the night me and my sister are off to the ballet! So I have been scouring my wardrobe looking for one item which I can pass of as elegant. Possibly if my outfit was worn on a really beautiful, tall and slender lady it would look elegant, but on me, I just look like... well, this....

I tried! Okay! I tried and I failed! But it is the most elegant thing I could piece together! I don’t want to go in a ball gown, it’s only in Wolverhampton! If I were going to London or something then I’d probably make more effort and perhaps buy a cocktail dress. But yeah, this is my attempt to being slightly elegant.
I was quite proud of my hair though! Just kind of thought “right, try and make your hair look elegant” and this is what I made! I just clipped up random bit at the back and curled the side pieces and also any hair that was falling out on top of my head! Quite a good elegant hairstyle since I had no guide lines and I can’t do elegant! :)

The gold skirt is actually a dress I brought in the sale at Topshop and wore to a meal on New Years! Here it is when I wore it then. I often wear my dresses as skirts just to get more use out of them and to make them look different! I just fold the top half under itself and shove a belt on so u can’t see the messy fold and WHOLA! There you have it!

 IT’S PANCAKE DAY! So I made me and my boy pancakes for breakfast, he told me off for having ice cream with mine, because it was the morning, I told him we are adults and can now have whatever we want for breakfast! I’m guessing we will also have pancakes for dinner too. But they are ever so yummy. So I’ve been a bit of a house wife today! I cooked! And I cleaned! Rarity for me, I’m no domestic goddess believe it or not.

The ballet was really good, and quite eventful! From an outsiders point of view we may have looked quite posh with our posh frocks and curly hair, I mean some people just came in jeans and a t-shirt! At least make an effort, jeez. But on the inside we were still our usual selves, we went to the co-op before the show; no way was I going to fork out a stupid amount of money for a glass of pop! So armed with oasis in my pocket and mini eggs in the other, and my sister with a huge bag of crisps stuffed into her tiny bag (you should have saw the lady shaking her head at us as we were giggling trying to fit the ridiculously large bag of crisps into my sisters very small bag) we waltzed into the theatre like royalty! I mean so what if we sat in the wrong seats first? And then decided to move seats in the interval to some empty seats (and got some more filthy looks) so we could get a better view of the stage? Good night all in all I reckon! :) And Swan Lake was excellent! Next ballet of the week Beauty and the Beast! :)


Peace <3

Tanya  x

Monday, 20 February 2012

Just Another Day...

Right! New day, new blog!

I’ve had quite a productive day today! My tip of a room (which I literally have to tidy every day to stay tidy) has now been sorted out! Crap thrown out! Room moved around! And now it’s all tidy! Still a few bits of tat lying about but that’s tidy enough for me.

Whilst doing this I have been looking stylish as always :P and here is todays outfit!! Nothing spectacular, as I am just sat in my house tidying up, but it’s nice to get dressed and at least look half decent!

Cardigan – Charity shop - £5 (in love with this cardigan)
Blouse – H&M – I brought it a long time ago! But it’s a favourite of mine!
Shorts- Primark – my bargain of £5!
Sunflower earrings- Topshop- also from a while back, my favourite flower!
Blue Ring- Dorothy Perkins- like £1 in the sale! Bargain!
Peace Ring- Miss Selfridge - £5… but I HAD to get this :P

I wore my hair up today. I'm not a huge fan of having my hair up, I prefer my hair to look a bit more wild and uncontrollable, but it really was a bit too mad today to make it look even slightly tamed. so I had to shove it up, still got the sunflower in though! :)

I’ve come across a lot of spare buttons whilst tidying my room, so I might make myself a little project and jazz up an old bag or a top or something. You get all these spare buttons with clothes and I never even use them! I must have kept them all for a reason though ay? So I might start rummaging around my room to see what I can adjust and spruce up a bit! :) 

I have so much chocolate in my room left over from Christmas! (So much for losing weight) how can you diet when there’s a secret stash of chocolate in you room! One of the larger bits of chocolate I have is a VERY large box of Cadburys milk tray. . . I wrote a little note and left the box in the kitchen; hopefully mom, dad, sisters and nieces will take the hint and scoff the lot!! :) I even made the little sign more attractive and drew a little border! 

 Talking about drawing, I also came across my old sketch books. I used to draw quite a lot, mainly just little cartoon characters! But I procrastinated a bit and looked through them all for a good ten minutes! Think I might start drawing again! In between all my blogging and fashion websites and working and tidying and seeing my boyfriend and all that stuff you know  :/

here’s an insight to how I live. Right, so my sister came in from school, I was upstairs tidying as you know, and she opens the door singing 'Bohemian rhapsody' by Queen, I turned my music off and she was just singing it at the top of her voice so when she stopped, I belted out the next line at the top of my voice, she then she repeated the next line from downstairs, then we had a bit of a harmonising singing duet, her downstairs and me upstairs. I must say I do feel sorry for our neighbours. My sister plays a little bit of guitar! And since she has finally started a blog ;)( we might even grace you with a little video sing song of ourselves one day! So yeah, look forward to that!
I’ve babbled on for far too long now. So goodbye for now :) <3

Tanya  x