Monday, 20 February 2012

Just Another Day...

Right! New day, new blog!

I’ve had quite a productive day today! My tip of a room (which I literally have to tidy every day to stay tidy) has now been sorted out! Crap thrown out! Room moved around! And now it’s all tidy! Still a few bits of tat lying about but that’s tidy enough for me.

Whilst doing this I have been looking stylish as always :P and here is todays outfit!! Nothing spectacular, as I am just sat in my house tidying up, but it’s nice to get dressed and at least look half decent!

Cardigan – Charity shop - £5 (in love with this cardigan)
Blouse – H&M – I brought it a long time ago! But it’s a favourite of mine!
Shorts- Primark – my bargain of £5!
Sunflower earrings- Topshop- also from a while back, my favourite flower!
Blue Ring- Dorothy Perkins- like £1 in the sale! Bargain!
Peace Ring- Miss Selfridge - £5… but I HAD to get this :P

I wore my hair up today. I'm not a huge fan of having my hair up, I prefer my hair to look a bit more wild and uncontrollable, but it really was a bit too mad today to make it look even slightly tamed. so I had to shove it up, still got the sunflower in though! :)

I’ve come across a lot of spare buttons whilst tidying my room, so I might make myself a little project and jazz up an old bag or a top or something. You get all these spare buttons with clothes and I never even use them! I must have kept them all for a reason though ay? So I might start rummaging around my room to see what I can adjust and spruce up a bit! :) 

I have so much chocolate in my room left over from Christmas! (So much for losing weight) how can you diet when there’s a secret stash of chocolate in you room! One of the larger bits of chocolate I have is a VERY large box of Cadburys milk tray. . . I wrote a little note and left the box in the kitchen; hopefully mom, dad, sisters and nieces will take the hint and scoff the lot!! :) I even made the little sign more attractive and drew a little border! 

 Talking about drawing, I also came across my old sketch books. I used to draw quite a lot, mainly just little cartoon characters! But I procrastinated a bit and looked through them all for a good ten minutes! Think I might start drawing again! In between all my blogging and fashion websites and working and tidying and seeing my boyfriend and all that stuff you know  :/

here’s an insight to how I live. Right, so my sister came in from school, I was upstairs tidying as you know, and she opens the door singing 'Bohemian rhapsody' by Queen, I turned my music off and she was just singing it at the top of her voice so when she stopped, I belted out the next line at the top of my voice, she then she repeated the next line from downstairs, then we had a bit of a harmonising singing duet, her downstairs and me upstairs. I must say I do feel sorry for our neighbours. My sister plays a little bit of guitar! And since she has finally started a blog ;)( we might even grace you with a little video sing song of ourselves one day! So yeah, look forward to that!
I’ve babbled on for far too long now. So goodbye for now :) <3

Tanya  x

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