Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I wrote this yesterday, but I forgot to publish it so yeah…. So pretend this was yesterday’s blog and I’ll do todays tomorrow! :)

I envy people who can be elegant, I really cannot be elegant, I can try, but I fail miserably! It really just doesn’t suit me, if I wore a really floaty white dress id just look really frumpy I reckon. I don’t do elegant, I am very jealous of the people who look all angelic and lady like. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!

The reason I say this is because tonight is the night me and my sister are off to the ballet! So I have been scouring my wardrobe looking for one item which I can pass of as elegant. Possibly if my outfit was worn on a really beautiful, tall and slender lady it would look elegant, but on me, I just look like... well, this....

I tried! Okay! I tried and I failed! But it is the most elegant thing I could piece together! I don’t want to go in a ball gown, it’s only in Wolverhampton! If I were going to London or something then I’d probably make more effort and perhaps buy a cocktail dress. But yeah, this is my attempt to being slightly elegant.
I was quite proud of my hair though! Just kind of thought “right, try and make your hair look elegant” and this is what I made! I just clipped up random bit at the back and curled the side pieces and also any hair that was falling out on top of my head! Quite a good elegant hairstyle since I had no guide lines and I can’t do elegant! :)

The gold skirt is actually a dress I brought in the sale at Topshop and wore to a meal on New Years! Here it is when I wore it then. I often wear my dresses as skirts just to get more use out of them and to make them look different! I just fold the top half under itself and shove a belt on so u can’t see the messy fold and WHOLA! There you have it!

 IT’S PANCAKE DAY! So I made me and my boy pancakes for breakfast, he told me off for having ice cream with mine, because it was the morning, I told him we are adults and can now have whatever we want for breakfast! I’m guessing we will also have pancakes for dinner too. But they are ever so yummy. So I’ve been a bit of a house wife today! I cooked! And I cleaned! Rarity for me, I’m no domestic goddess believe it or not.

The ballet was really good, and quite eventful! From an outsiders point of view we may have looked quite posh with our posh frocks and curly hair, I mean some people just came in jeans and a t-shirt! At least make an effort, jeez. But on the inside we were still our usual selves, we went to the co-op before the show; no way was I going to fork out a stupid amount of money for a glass of pop! So armed with oasis in my pocket and mini eggs in the other, and my sister with a huge bag of crisps stuffed into her tiny bag (you should have saw the lady shaking her head at us as we were giggling trying to fit the ridiculously large bag of crisps into my sisters very small bag) we waltzed into the theatre like royalty! I mean so what if we sat in the wrong seats first? And then decided to move seats in the interval to some empty seats (and got some more filthy looks) so we could get a better view of the stage? Good night all in all I reckon! :) And Swan Lake was excellent! Next ballet of the week Beauty and the Beast! :)


Peace <3

Tanya  x


  1. Love this outfit so much, the skirt is amazing xx

    1. Thanks so much! and thanks for following! much appreciated :) <3

  2. Woman, stop putting yourself down! You and your sister look excellent in those pictures and definitely achieved your elegant goals :) But I hear you on feeling like you've failed at it. I'm the clumsiest sucker known to mankind so any attempts at elegance and class fall flat on their face - literally. And whooooa pancakes! Mega jelz, they look aces :) xx

    1. aww I Love you, your too nice to me! haha! yeah, I'm really not much of a lady all in all, I think its more fun to be clumsy and silly :) oh, and the pancakes where quite yummy ;) THANKS!! xxx