Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Okay, I have started to overfill my day with things to do on my laptop. I'm beginning to get eye strain... I’ve also now signed up to twitter! Because obviously having a blog, an Asos Fashionfinder account and a Chictopia account aren’t enough for me apparently! So add me on there if you have twitter!!/Tanyarrrrr

I was shown this video yesterday on YouTube, it’s about a robot that falls in love with a is probably the greatest video I’ve ever watched it’s so lovely, so just watch it :) it’s not a lot to do about fashion or my life, but it made me nearly cry so I thought I’d share it.

I have actually started doing what I said I would do, creating new outfits with my existing wardrobe, and I got a little bit experimental and tried this lovely number.

2 different floral patterns together, I thought I’d be a bit different, as usual. the skirt is actually a dress, it was something I brought and wore on holiday last year (I’ll try and find a photo of how I wore it back then!) but I folded the top bit over n put the belt on to create a high-waisted skirt. I can’t actually remember where the dress was from... I’ll look into it. the shirt was from Topshop which I brought in the sale also last year, when I first brought it, it was one of my favorite tops but it doesn’t see the light of day these days (apart from when my sister steals it from my wardrobe) so there we have it! A completely new (& Creative with the skirt making!) outfit styled from my wardrobe! My socks and shoes were from Newlook :) I’ve got to say I do love my desert boots, my boyfriend brought them for me for Christmas and I think they are essential in everybody’s shoe wardrobe! :)

As you can see I have a new location for my photos! WAHEY! It’s not too exiting, it’s just a small alley at the side of my house, but it’s a start! I’ve got my eye on a few places but I need my sister to come along with me to take the photos, we may get a few strange looks... because to be honest compared to people in my area I dress slightly out of the ordinary as it is, so to be standing in a field (if I discover one) or by a fence or something taking photos, and people walk past, they may think I'm slightly strange. Ah well!

(this is the photo of me wearing the dress last year on holiday in Portugal!
the only one I could find so apologise that you cant see it as a whole, but you get the general idea!)

I’m still obsessed with looking through I have promised myself, that if I’m a very good girl and save up some moneys, that I can treat myself to an item ( or 2 or 3) :) because, I deserve to treat myself to pretty clothes!! :) Like if there’s a certain occasion, where I may need to wear a dress, then I’ll deffo buy one from there! It’s just nice when everyone compliments your dress and asks where it’s from and you know that they can’t go and buy the same one as you! Well, they might be able to but it would be more difficult than going to Newlook! :)

Just a nice short one for today, I haven’t got much else to say! But I’ll probably be writing another tomorrow! :)



  1. Love your style! The dress looks amazing as a skirt :)