Sunday, 19 February 2012


Quick post, as promised, to show you my DIY bleached shorts! I saw some the other day and thought I should get me a pair of them! But why when you can make them yourself?
I cut up these jeans a few years back and wore them as shorts, basically because back then I didn’t have any shorts in my wardrobe! And it got hot and I needed some! They’ve been hidden in my wardrobe ever since! So they were perfect to spill bleach all over :)

unfortunately I couldn't get a before they were cut photo obviously, but I did get a photo of the colour they used to be... 

so I put some bleach in a spray bottle and sprayed the hell out of the front of the shorts. I did this in a few stages because I’d come back to them and they wouldn’t be as bleached as I wanted them to be so I gave it a good couple of coats! the bleach doesn’t show up straight away so it’s best to do a little bit and then come back to see what they look like! This is what the front looks like now (before the bleach had completely dried) :)

I did the back slightly different and created a bit of a splodgy, mottled effect, I think it looks quite good :) 

I also got a serrated knife and sawed at the material to give it a cut up effect in the material and then went over it with a scourer which made it all vintagey and bobbly looking :)

SO, now I have a new addition to my wardrobe. The shorts I never wear have been re-invented! And now have a much loved position in my wardrobe! I’ll be wearing them over leggings and tights and bare it all in the summer (when the sun finally bloody arrives)

put it together with my beloved peace sign top just to get an outfit sorted with it! :) free item to create outfits with. DONE :)


  1. Bloody awesome D.I.Y, they look fantastic! Especially with the peace top, I have major outfit envy right now. Glad to read that you've finally been given more hours in work by the way, it SUCKS not having money to fund a clothes addiction. I just realised I'm totally broke for the next few days - not happy. I read the comment you left back by the way, and don't be an idiot, you're a great writer! Keep up the killer blogging :)
    Betti xx

    1. thanks! yeah I'm so glad to have more hours! it really has been difficult for me to avoid shopping! haha! since you're broke you better start on some D.I.Y. shorts yourself ;)
      Thanks for the comment!!
      MUCH LOVE x

    2. You know what, I think I bloody will! You've inspired me! That is once I've worked my way through the two massive bags of incomplete projects that are yet to make it to my sewing machine! I look forward to seeing the beauteous outfits that these extra hours will provide :) xx

    3. hahah! I keep thinking I should start doing a bit more D.I.Y, think I need to invest in a sewing machine! but knowing me I'll be rubbish and probably break the thing :') GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR MANY PROJECTS! :') xxx

  2. Love this idea! definitely gonna go it myself. :)