Sunday, 5 February 2012

I'm dreaming of a white Valentines day?

It's bloody snowing. In February... what is this about? at first I was quite 'anti-snow' when I was at work and looking out into the blizzard, picturing myself fighting my way through the storm to walk home... but when I took a trip on my break to go to Starbucks (obviously I had to get a hot chocolate it was snowing after all!) I found myself thinking 'Awww this is really cute!' it really felt like Christmas, which makes everyone happy doesn't it? I suppose you don't mind it being cold if it looks pretty. For the past how many days it’s been below freezing outside and everyone has been miserable. The only downside to snow is that the world does actually come to a standstill. Think of the Eskimos!!

So I have a day of nothing again today, so number one on the list of things to do is write my blog, also tidy my room, which I'm kind of procrastinating by writing my blog to avoid that.... after I have finally done that, the red shorts are coming out, I'm going to create a few outfits for different occasions to justify my means for buying it. If I can create an outfit for various occasions then I’m sorted! I can say, the shorts were a must have because I can wear them all the time! 

So here is the outcome! I think it was pretty successful. I made an outfit for various occasions, using my £5 shorts and my existing wardrobe so it’s a cheap outfit really! I’m also going to have to start picking out some of my dusty clothes from the back of my wardrobe, just to avoid me getting bored of my clothes and wanting to go shopping with my lack of money. If this fails… anyone up for robbing a bank with me? Just let me know…

For the winter look, I put on some tights to keep my legs warm, and put it together with this jumper T-shirt, which I brought from a charity shop ages ago! Put on some socks and my desert boots (my favorite boots) and then got my dead cat hat out and my coat, I even tested it out and went out in my garden (yes, in the snow) and I was lovely and warm!
So for really this outfit cost a fiver, because I recycled some of my clothes, which I don’t tend to do, if I buy new shorts, I need a new top, not in this case! 

I really enjoyed creating my summer look! Maybe because summer is my most favorite season of all! So I was really able to create a look I know I’ll wear A LOT in the summer, and on holiday for that matter! I put my favorite vest top on from H&M and put on a shirt (from warehouse -Asos) over the top with the buttons left open for a layered look, and lets be honest, it doesn’t get that warm in the summer in England does it? So the more layers the better! I then decided to hat myself up and robbed my sister’s, but I had a brainwave! I took my sunflower neck scarf (also a bargain find for a charity shop) and tied it in a bow around the hat. I was quite impressed with myself for this idea actually so I hope you are too :D. So that was OUTFIT 2 created, for a completely different season and a completely different style.
Bloody love this outfit.


Outfit 3, the party outfit, could also be worn with tights, but to be quite honest with you, I have had enough of trying to wriggle in and out of various tights so I gave it a miss. I put on a sparkly top! Tada! party outfit done. Of course I paired it with the lovely leopard print wedges (the ones that cripple me) but it does complete the outfit, that and a serious amount of back combing of my hair. 

So there we have it! I told you I would do it! 3 outfits for the price of one, I’m not skint (well not anymore skint that I originally was) and I can wear this shorts ALL THE TIME! I think that is definitely, shorts purchase, justified!

Chill out day for me now, listening to a few tracks I’m favoring ‘Foster the people’s’ new album today, and I recommend this album to everyone! BUY IT! It’s a really great album; I don’t think there is a single song on the entire album that I dislike! I’ll leave you with one to listen to. Peace!

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