Thursday, 2 February 2012

On the hunt!

Today was day one of me actually getting up of my arse and taking a mission into the town to hand out my CV. I'm being quite stubborn though... I only really want to work in anywhere that's related to fashion. I do not want to work in Tesco, even if the pay inst bad. I cant stand wearing a Tesco uniform, I'm known to be quirky and unique and a Tesco uniform is neither of those and definitely no way to make a fashion statement...fingers crossed that at least one of the fashion retail company's get back to me!

whilst on the look out for a job, I just couldn't resist having a 'look' at a few clothes... and also buying a few things. you know, with the massive amount of money I have "/. But I did get a bargain, I mean I only went in Primark for god's sake! That's dedication! I didn't even buy anything from Topshop (proud smiley face).
I brought a hat! a fluffy hat at that! My friend did comment on the fact that I looked like I had a dead cat on my head (not the greatest of news since I'm a vegetarian and against animal cruelty) but despite this I do love the hat, its not actually a dead cat ( I keep telling myself) I also brought some green leather look gloves! my favourite colour and they look a bit like posh lady gloves, I'd do anything to fool people into thinking I'm slightly posh. but definitely bargain of the day was my red chord shorts at the bargain price of FIVE POUNDS! okay maybe I didn't NEED them, but they are nice, so that was my last buy of the month.... hopefully, and I'm going to use these shorts to create new and exciting outfits with my existing wardrobe! :) (photos to come soon!)

Tights- £2 & £2.50
Necklace & Ring - £2 Each


HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY, I have tidied my room, and my clothes are all now hung up in my wardrobe in colour order. I am now officially an organized person! or at least my wardrobe is. and on a plus side I've been asked to do a 4 and a half hour shift today at work taking my total hours of the week to a whopping 8 and a half hours..... wow.

Iv'e made a list of things to do to day, tidying my room being the priority, iv also ordered a photo card from! for my boyfriend Alex for valentines day, bless him. I've brought him a couple of DVD's as well, I'm skint so I'm not going to go overboard on little tacky 'I heart you' presents that are quite expensive and meaningless! I'm also going to print out a few photos and put a little album together for him I think :)
I must get off, once again its late, 12:58 to be precise, and I'm still sat in my jamas, regardless if I have had a quite successful day of getting things done! 

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