Monday, 30 January 2012

boredom takes over...

 Check me out turning into a serious blogger! first post was yesterday and i got a whopping 20 views! WAHEY! so I thought I'd bang a second one out today, as my beloved boyfriend has ran off to uni and left me all alone sitting in my PJ's at 11:00am, this is what my life has  been reduced to, sitting around in my jama's waiting for my life to begin. yeaahhhh.

Yesterday I spent my day recovering from my night out sat in my PJ's pretty much all day and played on the Sims 2, man my life is exiting. Although I did get a disk full of photo's of my photo shoot i had the other day! because I'm also a professional model....well, I'm not but I may as well try and make everyone believe so, although my uncle is a photographer and he does use my face on most of his advertising! therefore I class myself as being a professional model :) here are some of the more successful photo's from the day!

Top- H&M-£6.99
Shoes- Newlook- £24.99
Shorts- Miss Selfridges- they were in the sale...
I can't remember how much they cost me!
Top-altered by moi-
It was a denim dress i cut it up to make a denim jacket :)
Tights-£3 in the sale! Miss Selfridges
Boots- PRIMARK believe it or not! £7.50. bargain!
Necklace-Topshop-£1.50 in the sale!
Top and Jewellery- Topshop
Skirt- Newlook sale!

Dress-Topshop sale! £15
Shoes-Newlook £29.99 (ouch)

I was quite happy with the outcome, I got to create some new outfits and I got more photos with 'my boy' and I think we look rather cute together (if I may say so myself) :)

I'm currently sat listening to The Cure, and I have managed to get half dressed! ACHIEVEMENT OF THE DAY! I'm considering getting some CV's printed out and dishing them out up Walsall town with my fake happy 'please hire me' face on! .... my printer has broke (well it's not but I just can't work it very well) so I'm going to take a trip to my ex-job, the craft shop! I've been promised a cup of tea if I pop up, the girls miss hearing my stories and seeing my bright red hair in the morning I think. also means I can buy some pretty stickers and things to randomly decorate windows and walls and other such things that I can pretty up.

DAY 2 of not looking online at pretty clothes has been quite successful! I've managed to steer clear from Topshop which is a good thing! I Think me and my sister may have to start our charity shop shopping again. We had a massive phase of going to the charity shops every Saturday, only problem with this was we got a bit carried away, because everything is so cheap we kind of brought everything below a fiver, and end up spending a fortune. we went up a few months back and both spent approx. £100. EACH. a few weeks later we asked each other what the hell we had brought with all that money and neither of us had a bloody clue.
We had a joint new years resolution to stop us casually throwing money around to buy random bits of clothing, whenever we went shopping we were only aloud to buy actual 'complete outfits', probably not a great way to save money, but in the long run it is well worth it! I mean think about it, I spend £100 and didn't get one single outfit! if I brought a jumper from a charity shop for a fiver, and I get my creative fashion mind on and think, 'ooh that would look nice with a skirt' then I need to find THE perfect skirt to go with that jumper, and WHALLAH, a complete outfit for under 20 quid and still money in the bank! of course this plan was before my lack of hours at work and now even loosing 20 quid a month on shopping will be devastating. I think my new plan shall be to create new outfits with my existing wardrobe....

(said in a comic book fashion)

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