Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Four Dresses

I'm taking a break from showing you my holiday outfits (I'll get round to doing that another day) and showing you something a bit more exiting, wahey!

first of all welcome back my ginger hair, which I am actually getting bored of already. actually feel like having rainbow hair or something ridiculously eccentric so maybe I wont get bored of it so easy.

Second of all I went to a vintage fair! days spent at vintage fairs are the happiest days! after waltzing around the room and picking up literally everything in awe and desire I finally settled on buying only 1 brooch and just the 4 dresses. I think I did pretty well, but when friends asked what I had managed the find amongst the 100+ rails at the vintage fair, they replied with "FOUR DRESSES! how many dresses do you already have?" good point, but how on earth was I meant to resist the great temptation that is dresses for under a tenner?

Here is one dress that I snapped up for a mere fiver! It's one of my new favorites added to the Narnia wardrobe, and you can see why!

What I Am Wearing
Dress -Maisies Vintage Closet - £5
Necklace - Stolen from sister
Earings -Topshop
Belt- Primark
Shoes - ASOS
Socks -Asda

I must apologize for the huge bandage on my hand that completely wrecks the entire outfit. If you are wondering what the hell it is, I burnt my hand on candle wax which resulted in a first degree burn. amazing.It's pretty much a normal hand now but I had to walk around with that huge bandage on my hand for more than three weeks!

Until next time friends!


  1. Whaaa look at your hair! It looks so 80's and quiffy and AWESOME! I do love the ginge too :) And what the deuce? That dress was a fiver?! Incredible! I need to come shopping with you again. The vintage fairs in Cardiff have slowed down and it's making me sad. Bah. Keep me abreast (LOL word ahoy) of your Cardiff plans. I can't wait for you to see me and Oli's new gaff, it's, like, grown-up. We own a rug. And a bed. Argh adulthood!
    Speak soon BBBFL (that's best blogging bud for lyfe, dontcha know) xxx

  2. That's ma girl!!! Rocking that style lady xxx