Friday, 30 November 2012

She Bangs The Drum

I brought a new dress, yes, again, I have an addiction to pretty looking things and have to immediately purchase them. It's unlike anything crammed into my extremely packed out wardrobe. which gave the perfectly good excuse to purchase it faster than you can say "oh Tanya that's a nice dress"

It's a sort of body con midi dress I suppose, which is a bit out of my league, I tend to stray away from anything figure hugging to avoid displaying those lumps and bumps that you don't necessarily want to show, but with the help of some very big tights that go all the way over my belly, I can wear it with a bit more confidence! (Although it would look better if I was one of those mega tall mega skinny girls, unfortunately I'm one of those short 5"2 stubby girls.) Never the less I think I can get away with wearing this, If i suck my gut in for the whole day.

(Keeping it simple)
Cameo Rose Blue Splatter Midi Dress-New Look- £14.99
Patent Creepers-New Look-£24.99

MY Shiny Creepers are my new favourite shoes. That Is All.

Today's blog title is inspired by a Stone Roses Song called She Bangs The Drum, LISTEN TO IT! :)

The Stone Roses-She Bangs The Drum

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I Know A Place We Can Go...


I'm so happy it is finally Wednesday! I feel as if I've been waiting for my day off for so long, one blog a week is not enough for me, I spend my days waiting for the blogging day to arrive! Roll on the summer when there is actually sunlight outdoors!

I have brought a lovely collection of collar necklaces from New Look, They had more than this to choose from, but I thought that buying 4 collars in one day was more than enough!

(I'm looking forward to wearing the blue gemstone one!)

By the way New Look jewellery is on buy one get one free so if you want to get yourself a bargain check them out now! Here are the links to the above collar necklaces :)

Black Embellished Lace Collar-£9.99
(The black pearl one isn't online but it was only £6.99!)

Camera quality is pathetic since the flash wouldn't work for me and then the battery died, this is the best I could do.

I created my outfit for the day to emphasise the niceness of this collar, Collars just make everything look better and more exiting!

I've had this knitted vest for a while, and although it is beautiful, I try it on and end up throwing it off because it looks too boring. The top was from a charity shop, it only cost like £2! But check out it's new look with the collar ;) It's deffo moving up in the wardrobe world.

What I Am Wearing
Knitted Vest-Charity Shop-£2
Ditsy Floral Print Skirt - H&M - Sale -£7
Belt-New Look-came with a skirt

ALSO, I don't know if you noticed but I HAVE NEW CREEPERS! & they are shiny :) so no they aren't the same as my other plain black ones because these are SHINY! so definitely warranted purchasing.

I better let you go, After bombarding you with clothes and accessories and shoes and photos.


The Cribs-Be Safe

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Everyone Said She Looked Like A Mess

I am one of the many Twilight fanatics, and with the new film out (I watched it Friday night) I spent Thursday night and friday morning watching all 4 films! The plan was to watch them all on the night, but me being the grandma that I am, I fell asleep at around 12 o'clock, which is actually a huge achievement for me! so I had to watch the other two the following morning.

I was mega exited for the new one! that exited that I decided to piece together a new outfit to wear out of existing pieces of clothes in my wardrobe!

Here is the outcome!

What I Am Wearing
Skater Dress - T.K. Maxx
Floral Tunic - Topshop
Collar Necklace - New Look
Brogues - Primark
Hat- Clothes Show
Belt - Primark

Any short sleeves summer dresses you have lying around that are unwearable in the winter, bang a
shirt or anything with long sleeves underneath to create a new wintery outfit. It's brilliant if you are skint from Christmas shopping to be able to treat yourself to a new outfit (which I think we are all in this situation at the moment!)

I need to put myself on a shopping ban, and create more outfits like this one I think!

Today I am going to introduce you to another song! :) I may make it a regular occurrence to end my blog with a song or 2! I am very in love with my music, and I'd love to share it with you guys! if any of you like any of the bands or songs I post give me a shout! I'd love to know if I've converted you into liking a new band!

Anyway, I must be off! Ta Ta m'dears!

The Drums - Money

Friday, 16 November 2012

Did you see her clothes?

I went to see the cribs in concert the other day, me and Sophie had a bit of free time before we had to set off for the gig so we decided to drink as much alcohol as we could in the shortest amount of time and get slightly tipsy before the gig, we also took a few outfit shots, sadly it was dark outside so we resorted to taking photos in the kitchen. exiting! (we need to purchase some sort of backdrop to use indoors! I hate dark mornings and dark nights!)

Here Is What I Wore!
(apologies for the rubbish photographs)


Me & The Boy <3
The concert was amazing! Breathtaking, and not because it was brilliant(although it was), but because I spent the entire time sandwiched in the crowd like a slice of cheese (by this point the slight buzz from the alcohol had worn off). I was literally on the second row pushed up against this poor girls back for the entire night up until the point I managed to nab a spot right at the front, directly in front of Ryan Jarman! (Lucky me)

If you don't listen to the cribs, raise your hand in the air and slap your self in the face, here is a few of my fave tracks to get you started on your new love for the cribs! Knock yourself out with these bad boys!

'Our Bovine Public'

'Mirror Kissers'

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

I Like You Because You're Strange

Introducing you to a new member of the wardrobe collection! This bloody beautiful dress cost me the bargain price of £8. I brought it from Urban Village in Birmingham (Another brilliant vintage shop hidden in Birmingham).

I feel like such a girl in this dress, the skirt is really 'swishy' and I sort of have to control myself not to start spinning and making the skirt swirl to the sides of me.

Me and Sophie decided to purchase this on the grounds that it looked like something Summer would wear in 500 days of summer, and she dresses ever so charming, then again when you are that perfect and that beautiful you could dress up in a bin liner and look attractive! Sadly thats not the case with us not so perfect people! that aside, it is still a lovely dress, and although i may not look as stunning as the beautiful Zooey Deschanel, but I think I pull off the number pretty well.

What I Am Wearing
Coat-New Look-£59.99
Dress-Urban Village Sale- £8
Belt-stolen from the little sister
Shoes-Primark Sale £8
Bag-New Look-£19.99

I went to see the cribs in concert yesterday, it was bloody amazing, I will do a short blog on it tomorrow, but it was dark outside, so outfit photos were taking in my kitchen, exciting. Something to look forward to! 

Until Next Time Folks!