Friday, 16 November 2012

Did you see her clothes?

I went to see the cribs in concert the other day, me and Sophie had a bit of free time before we had to set off for the gig so we decided to drink as much alcohol as we could in the shortest amount of time and get slightly tipsy before the gig, we also took a few outfit shots, sadly it was dark outside so we resorted to taking photos in the kitchen. exiting! (we need to purchase some sort of backdrop to use indoors! I hate dark mornings and dark nights!)

Here Is What I Wore!
(apologies for the rubbish photographs)


Me & The Boy <3
The concert was amazing! Breathtaking, and not because it was brilliant(although it was), but because I spent the entire time sandwiched in the crowd like a slice of cheese (by this point the slight buzz from the alcohol had worn off). I was literally on the second row pushed up against this poor girls back for the entire night up until the point I managed to nab a spot right at the front, directly in front of Ryan Jarman! (Lucky me)

If you don't listen to the cribs, raise your hand in the air and slap your self in the face, here is a few of my fave tracks to get you started on your new love for the cribs! Knock yourself out with these bad boys!

'Our Bovine Public'

'Mirror Kissers'


  1. I just discover your blog on Chictopia and I really love it! Amazing blouse!
    Following you on GFC!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  2. I've been a crap blogger again :(

    Arrrghh so jealous that you saw the Cribs! I missed them when they came to Cardiff a couple of weeks ago. Funny story, I once met Ryan Jarman (total hero) at a Kate Nash gig, and he had to tell me to go away because I was too drunk. I cried for hours. I wish I looked as awesome as you at gigs. That is the perfect low-key partay outfit, especially the blouse. Your collection of floral goodies is truly astounding, and awww, how cute do you look with the boyf?!

    I don't know what's going to happen with my December trip to B'ham now, wahhh! I have almost completely decimated my student loan and have just been landed with three more bloddy essays, two of which are due in on my work exp week which SUCKS, as I really want to go next month but it's looking unlikely :( Buuuuttt I may still be able to pull something together so I'll keep you updated on FB, and if all goes tits up will deffo be there at the beginning of next year, YAY! The plan you devised sounds bang on, btw :)

    Get back on the dance lessons! I'm so glad I did, it makes the miserable winter weather a bit more bearable if you have loads of jigging about to look forward to :)

    I shall speak to ye soooon! xxxx