Wednesday, 7 November 2012

I Like You Because You're Strange

Introducing you to a new member of the wardrobe collection! This bloody beautiful dress cost me the bargain price of £8. I brought it from Urban Village in Birmingham (Another brilliant vintage shop hidden in Birmingham).

I feel like such a girl in this dress, the skirt is really 'swishy' and I sort of have to control myself not to start spinning and making the skirt swirl to the sides of me.

Me and Sophie decided to purchase this on the grounds that it looked like something Summer would wear in 500 days of summer, and she dresses ever so charming, then again when you are that perfect and that beautiful you could dress up in a bin liner and look attractive! Sadly thats not the case with us not so perfect people! that aside, it is still a lovely dress, and although i may not look as stunning as the beautiful Zooey Deschanel, but I think I pull off the number pretty well.

What I Am Wearing
Coat-New Look-£59.99
Dress-Urban Village Sale- £8
Belt-stolen from the little sister
Shoes-Primark Sale £8
Bag-New Look-£19.99

I went to see the cribs in concert yesterday, it was bloody amazing, I will do a short blog on it tomorrow, but it was dark outside, so outfit photos were taking in my kitchen, exciting. Something to look forward to! 

Until Next Time Folks!

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