Sunday, 27 January 2013


I'm not sure if I've shown you all this lovely top yet, but If I haven't, HERE IT IS!

What I Am Wearing

Skirt-New Look
Belt-New Look
Velvet Doccers-Dr.Martens

Isn't my boyfriend just the best? He brought this for me for Christmas! I still need to show you the frigging gorgeous shoes he brought me! I will one day and you will all be green with envy! which funnily enough is the color of the beautiful shoes!

I think this has got to be in the top 3 of tops in my wardrobe! I love the little daisy print and the black lace collar attached is just bloody beautiful!

Be prepared to see my velvet doccers on a regular basis as all of my outfits will be pretty much based around the new love of my life, the velvets.

Day 2 in Liverpool consisted of, guess what? more shopping. This trip was more of a browser and we headed out to discover vintage shops that may be hidden down the backstreets of Liverpool.
not knowing the area, at all, we kind of got lost a bit and ended up pretty much nowhere. I did discover a vintage shop though! one which was closed. which was brilliant. Further up the street I discovered another vintage shop which made me happy! They even had some real cheap vintage wedding dresses in there, I am so going down the aisle in an over embellished lace frock from the 70's! I resisted buying things though in the optimistic thought of what I could buy when me and Betti go on a vintage shopping spree in a weeks time!

Until Next Time!

Friday, 25 January 2013

All In Your Rows


I've been away for a few days in the lovely town of Liverpool! I went there a few years back to do the whole 'Beatles museum' and all that jazz but we felt we didn't see everything so we went back and basically, went on a shopping holiday.

The town that we couldn't find for the life of us last time happened to be 2 mins away from our hotel, we were just stupid enough to not find it last time.

Liverpool town is actually quite nice! With the usual suspects of New Look, Topshop, H&M, Miss Selfridges, Urban Outfitters, Primark but also the frigging lovely shop that is the Dr. Martens shop.
The discovery of this shop was the best thing and the worst thing to happen to me. The best thing because I was overcome with happiness and joy, like a child on Christmas day. The worst thing because my bank balance had to suffer me buying a pair and really really wanting to buy a second pair!
Let me introduce you, to what I call, my velvet beauties...

How could I not buy them? and at the bargain price of £50! half frigging price! had to be done.
Anyway, Here Is What I Wore!
Dress- ASOS -Present from my lovely boyfriend
Cross Collar Tips- New Look
Brown Belt-New Look
Velvet Doccers- Dr. Martens

 I have a few more photos to show you from my trip so I shall be blogging again on Sunday, AND THAT'S A PROMISE!

Until next time!!

I'll leave you with one of my new band loves and one of my fave songs by them! give it a listen ;)

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Walking Disaster

The dreaded month of January, Everyone is skint, and I have put myself on a shopping ban so that I can last the very busy month that is January! and lets just say that my self inflicted shopping ban has been very unsuccessful to say the least!
In the month of January I have 'treated' myself to 3 dresses, 2 tops and a pair of shoes! (nice one)

I really am brilliant at not spending money on clothes....

What I Am Wearing
Tie Dye Midi Dress-New Look-£14.99
Brogue Creepers-New Look-£19.99
Black Gothic Necklace-New Look
Black Studded Bum Bag-New Look

Yes, once again my whole outfit is from New Look and I am addicted to shopping in my work place. But look how nice the things are!
New Accessory Must Have-BUM BAGS!

I had a bum bag when I was about 10, and it was a teddy bear. I am bringing the trend back! (minus the teddy bear) next on the agenda, those shiny cycling shorts we all used to wear in the 90's. Yeah...

I am also trending a new way to wear nail varnish, with 2 totally different coloured hands, Mind blown? should be.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Hipster Types.

Yes! That's Right! Another blog! A DAY after the last blog so ha! shout at me now Betti!

Speaking of Betti (who's blog you should look at if you haven't because it is frikking brilliant) I think you should all look forward to our little bloggers meeting that we are having, in which we BOTH promise to take tons of photos of us galavanting off to various vintage shops and sending possibly more money than we actually have (we should probably set a budget)

Back to the main point of this blog, more clothes of mine.

Well I showed you my red velvet skater dress, now, behold! The EXACT same dress in black!

It is a good dress though, and I always feel slightly festive in velvet.

This is my new shirt! from New Look. I saw it come into store on delivery and it was immediately in my hand as mine! I suppose working at New Look has its pro's and con's. The Pro's being I get to see all the pretty things come into store first and get first dibs on all the pretty clothes, the cons being that I spend way too much money and need to stop. But, Let's be honest, you can never have too many floral shirts!

I also have new boots, but I have a brilliant story to justify this purchase. I walked to work, In the pouring rain, with 2 pairs of socks on and a thick pair of tights. of course none of that mattered because the boots I chose to wear were covered in holes, Because I'm really classy like that. I arrived at work with 2 pairs of wet socks and wet feet, I am surprised that my toes didn't fall off. So I brought these to keep my feet warm that day. Purchase-Justified.


Velvet Dress-Topshop
Floral Shirt-New Look
Ankle Boots-New Look
Brooch-from the mother in law to be!

showing off my roots that desperately need re-dying.

I am going to leave as a proud blogger that has blogged 2 days in a row! HURRAH! I am well proud.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Colour it in

Happy New Year! this is my first blog of 2013. woop-di-doo, and its about time too really its only been bloody 2 weeks since my last blog! yeah I know, I'm useless!

But I'm back now! and before you know it, it will be lovely summer time and I will take photos everyday! YAY!

I do have a few excuses though, such as I have been working a lot and then my laptop broke etc.  so don't shout at me okay?!

What I Am Wearing
Floral Shirt-Gift
Purple Maxi Skirt-New Look
Shiny Creepers-New Look
Frilly Socks-Asda-Kids Section

Don't pay attention to the creased skirt. I don't do ironing...

This shirt was a present for Christmas from a lovely friend of mine. You know your friend is amazing when they buy you a present from a Charity/Vintage shop, These are the people that know me best!

I've had a few other new pieces that my lovely boyfriend brought me and they are bloody beautiful so I will show you those soon :) promise!