Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Colour it in

Happy New Year! this is my first blog of 2013. woop-di-doo, and its about time too really its only been bloody 2 weeks since my last blog! yeah I know, I'm useless!

But I'm back now! and before you know it, it will be lovely summer time and I will take photos everyday! YAY!

I do have a few excuses though, such as I have been working a lot and then my laptop broke etc.  so don't shout at me okay?!

What I Am Wearing
Floral Shirt-Gift
Purple Maxi Skirt-New Look
Shiny Creepers-New Look
Frilly Socks-Asda-Kids Section

Don't pay attention to the creased skirt. I don't do ironing...

This shirt was a present for Christmas from a lovely friend of mine. You know your friend is amazing when they buy you a present from a Charity/Vintage shop, These are the people that know me best!

I've had a few other new pieces that my lovely boyfriend brought me and they are bloody beautiful so I will show you those soon :) promise!


  1. Maxi skirts suit you so much! And blerrrgh, fuck creases, balls to ironing. Who even does that nowadays?

    I am also loving your ankle socks and creeper-rocking. Whenever I try that I look like a man dressed up as a schoolgirl (because of my height!) No fair!

    More posts soon, or I will poke you with sticks when I come to visit xxxx

  2. The purple skirt is amazing! Love it!

  3. cute skirt.those shoes and
    frilly white socks are a great look on you

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      And thank you! I love my frilly whites! x