Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Ensuring You Won't Forget Me.

Well I've been a little bit busy lately. I'm guessing you can tell since I haven't done a post since.... the 6th of December  wow. apologies.

So here is a post I was obviously meant to do a while back but never did. Yeah

I have been mega non stop with work/buying presents/wrapping presents/giving presents out that amongst all the commotion I haven't even had a split second to take photos for my poor little blog. I took a few snaps the other day, In the dark, and was rushing that much that I didn't even put any lippy on! making my whole outfit instantly look 90% shitter.

What I Am Wearing
Top-Anciently old-Topshop
Skirt-Sale Steal-Topshop
Granddad Cardigan-New Look
Creepers-New Look
Collar Necklace-New Look
Frilly socks-Asda-kids section

So basically I look a mess, I had been running round like a maniac all day buying the last of the Christmas presents which thankfully I have now finished! I might actually be able to get a decent photo tomorrow for the next blog! (not promising anything)

Oh, you like my frilly socks do you? Well apparently my feet are that small that I can fit into kids socks, which is a bonus because these frilly socks were Cheap as chips compared to the ridiculous price they are charged elsewhere! I think ill stick to the kids section in Asda!

It's nice to be back.

Much Love


  1. 14 days gone is nothing in comparison to my 2/3 months, so don't fret! That patterned skirt is awesome! And as a worshipper of frilly socks, I applaud you :D

  2. you look so cute in this your shiny shoes
    and the frilly white socks are adorable with them.they are
    made for each everyone loved you in this

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Ginge! How did yours go?

    Don't worry, I'll hold my tongue and not fire any 'why aren't you blogging?!' abuse your way, partially because that would be horrendously hypocritical but mainly because you look super-awesome in your pictures so to do so would be mean :) I hate having to take pics in the dark too. The flash is always too bright and even the most tanned person ends up looking like Michael Jackson! You look aces as always in these, mind. I did some in the gloom earlier and they are atrocious. Boo :'(

    Right, in terms of January planning - LET'S GET ON IT! What's the best day for you, and the best (ie: cheapest) hostel in B'ham to stay in? Send me a Facey B message about it, I cannae wait! It's only £12 for a return ticket on the Megabus, which is mondo-cheap so I'll get booking when you know when yr free. EEEEE!

    Much love xxxxxxxxxxxx