Thursday, 6 December 2012

I always did it like a real rebel would


I've been to a few concerts lately, which I haven't yet had the opportunity to grace you with the stories. Your in for a treat...

I went to see the vaccines on the 29th of November, I have seen them once before when they supported the Arctic Monkeys and their vocals were a bit rubbish and you couldn't really hear them, this time you could hear what they were saying but I could hardly pay attention to the concert as it was just mental.
Constant pushing from all angles, we were literally falling all over the place. My main priority was not to let me or my sister die. Sophie actually fell over (almost) if it wasn't for me grabbing her by the collar like a pup and dragging her back to the surface she may have died (either by being trampled or eventually strangled by yours truly)

Other than the fact that we couldn't see and I have to fight numerous blokes to protect my sister the concert was amazing! It was just a shame that the majority of the girls there were drunken 14 year olds who needed a good slapping.

Anywho! This is what I wore :) Who knew velvet would be all in this year (apparently) I brought this dress in the sale last year from Topshop and now velvet is all the rage...

(Rubbish Indoor Photos)
What I Am Wearing
Red Velvet Skater Dress-Topshop-Sale
Oversized Floral Shirt-Vintage
Creepers-New Look
Necklace-New Look
Parka Jacket - New Look

Also went to see a concert in WALSALL! (yes that's right, Walsall actually put a decent music festival on)
a few bands and acoustic acts played before Reverend and the Makers took to the stage.
It's Weird having actual music people playing in Walsall, this has never actually happened in my lifetime, Hopefully Walsall will start doing more of these nights, as it was actually rather brilliant!

Once again its not the first time I've seen Reverend & The Makers in concert, I saw them once at Birmingham too and they were also brilliant then. Once again Jon McClure took the concert outside and played us another mini acoustic sing along session, The Saturday Night clubbers seemed bewildered by the crowd of Indies surrounding a guy with a guitar all singing along, It was quite amusing.

I didn't get a photo of my outfit, but I managed to get a close up of the lead singer :)

I'll leave you along with a song from each artist! If ever you have an opportunity to see a concert, just go! You only live once remember so make as many memories as possible!

Much Love!


  1. Warrrrghhh I have actually been looking for a dress like that for ages! You look RAD, and nice one for cheating Topshop out of a few pennies whilst being bang-on this season :D

    Also, that part about the 14 year old girls who need a slapping actually made me do some weird uncontrolled honk laugh out loud! SO TRUE. Big gigs are crap so often now because little dweebs like that are always running around like it's a creche or something. Glad you had a good time though, and that you prevented your sister from dying!

    In regards to yr last comment, I friggin' wish my wardrobe was Narnia. That would be ace. I did try to climb into it the other day when I was drunk, actually, and kind of broke it. Definitely no magical fashion otherworld in there :'(

    Ooooh I meant to comment on your post the other day to say how incredible that midi dress is. HRRRNK moment ahoy! You always find the best stuff. I am coming to B'ham in January and we are going shopping, mark my words. My student loan will have popped into my bank account. Please be so kind as to help me decimate it.

    Muchos love-os, ginge!

  2. Ahh, concert memories are some of the best (even if they're slightly scary at the time). ;) I really love how you styled the dress with the different colours and layers. You look great!

  3. Hello. I am so so so sorry that I never got back to you about the blog header. I ended up totally snowed under by other committments and my entire blog received a lack of attention. I'm now trying to apply your lovely header but am having a lot of difficulty with sizing and fiddly things. I am so sorry. P.S. As soon as it's up I promise to link to you etc. & and love your velvet dress :D

  4. Hello again. If you could make it a bit smaller that would be wonderful. It's just that it's goes mega enormous when I put it on. Sorry to be painful, you've been so helpful. And I'll say for me, sun is a bad thing, it means sunburn and heat. Bring on the ice! :D