Thursday, 29 August 2013

Tree Town

I only have 2 more blogs to do in the niceness of tree town, then get used to my good old fashioned garden fence photos!

There was a section of the garden that was like a secret garden! you went through some trees and it opened up into a big circle and you would be surrounded by trees! There was a little bench and a big log on the floor (this ended up being my main smoking area for the week) and a little play house that was over run with climbing ivy, This is the backdrop for the days bloggy outfit pic!

What I Am Wearing
Satin Vest Top - Vintage - £2 - Oasis Birmingham

Floral Midi skirt-Present from the lovely Harrie Hattie
Brown Belt -£4.99 - New Look 
Burgundy Loafers -£19.99 - New Look

don't ask why my legs look so wonky in the above picture, I must have been stood on uneven ground... weird.

Midi skirts are just the best thing in the world! It's nice to be able to wear a skirt all year round no matter what the weather and not feel like an idiot with freezing cold legs. everyone should wear midi skirts. especially ones as amazing as this one! 

Until next time folks!

Peace out

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  1. Beautiful Tanya, the skirt is perfect for you!! The place looks amazing xx