Thursday, 28 June 2012

Carpet-less Stairs

It's been a while since I've had a day to dress in my own clothes, not that I've been wearing anyone else's clothes, but because of work (I do realise I mention I'm working a lot in most of my recent blogs) I am constantly wearing all black. The most boring uniform in the world. Since we work in a place that is all about clothes, you would think they would let you get as fashionable and as colourful as you bloody well like to! this is not the way with our company unfortunately :(

WE ARE DECORATING OUR STAIRS! This doesnt make me happy really, because our house is really modern, so my vintage style is wasted! I could decorate this house so lovely! and it would all be old fashioned and vintage looking and all of my blog photos would be taken indoors! I am happy at the moment however, because the walls on the stairs are plain white, and the carpet has been ripped up leaving a lovely wooden floor leading up the stairs, it looks so lovely and old fashioned!

I even found a little bit of this lino hidden under a section of carpet, which is so bloody lovely, I wonder how long that has been there??

Anyway this is what I wore to go shopping the other day & YES once again my shopping ban on myself isn't as succesfull as it could be, but I do however have a lot of new clothes waiting in my wardrobe until when I finally get a day off and can wear them and take thousands of photos for my blog!

Say Hello to my new shoes, Believe it or not they were from Primark and were in the sale for £8! How the hell could I say no? well obviously I couldn't say no :)


Blouse - Primark -£6
Skirt - H&M Sale - £7

Shoes - Primark Sale - £8
Socks - Primark - £1.50
Necklace - Primark - £2
Belt - years old...


Another cheap as hell outfit by me. I definitely think I could put put Gok Wan out of business :P

Sunday, 24 June 2012

The rest of my photos

I can't believe how much I have been working recently. It's mental. I remember when I first started this blog, because I had hardly any work and I wanted to fill my days with something. Now I really struggle to find spare time to blog which I really hate :( 

Blogging has really grown on me, I never thought I would actually get addicted to it the way I have. I don't know if people enjoy reading my blog, or just like looking through my photos, but I don't mind either way! the few followers and views I have for now mean A LOT to me, and I feel honoured when I get more than 20 views in one day! (WAHEY!) It might not compare to the thousands that others get, but hey! who cares!?

Anyway I have more photos to share with you from my photo shoot the other day, so here they are! :)

 | Shirt & Necklace-Topshop | Skirt & Shoes - Newlook |

I'm not going to annoy you with any more of me babbling on about nothing at all, but I hope you liked me photos! I really need to invest in a decent camera, but then again if I did there would be no hope for my writing skills to improve. my blog would consist of nothing but photos!

Hope you are all well!!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My Yellow Dress

I must apologise for not posting for a while but I'm having one of those months where I'm constantly busy! my poor camera has been inactive for a while and is probably wondering what the hell is going on.

I had a photo shoot the other day, this time my sister didn't get involved so we didn't argue over who got to wear what! It was quite enjoyable and I finally got a snapshot of one of my favourite dresses at the moment!

What do you think?

DRESS - £12 - T.K. Maxx | Shoes & Hat - Newlook | Bag -Primark

I get a lot of mixed comments when I wear this, not that I'm overly fussed on what people think of what I wear, I wear what I like! which is what I think everybody should do! I get comments such as "you look like Mary Poppins" or "you are very Bright/Yellow" I just simply reply with "THANKS! :)". I don't know if their comments are compliments, but I'll take it as that anyway :P

I love this dress despite what anyone else says, it usually makes me like an item more if nobody else does! I spotted this in T.K.Maxx and for the bargain price of £12 how could i refuse to get it? Paired with my granny shoes, Picnic Bag & Straw hat, it's a bloody winner!

I have more photo's to show you! but If I showed you now you wouldn't want to read my next blog post then  would you? :P


Friday, 15 June 2012

Coming Back Home...

Once again it was a glorious day and it was a shame to leave the seaside for the littered streets of Walsall, but all in all we had a lovely weekend away!

Before setting home I decided to ask Kirtie to take a few shots of my outfit for my blog, since I had pretty much forgotten to take any the entire weekend! She decided to take this task on quite literally, and has asked me that I state the fact that these were taken by Kirstie Allen Photography, she's insane. As you can see she got a bit carried away and even got into the cliché Photographer role, I played along and did some silly model poses, as seen below!

|Vintage Skirt- Cow Birmingham |Beatles Top- Topshop |Hat - Newlook | Bag-Primark|

I appear to have a £3 skirt trend going on! I remember when I first purchased it a while back from COW, and I can almost remember my face when I saw how lovely it was, and then my face dropped further when I saw that it cost a mere £3! BLOODY BARGAIN!

As you can see I am practically glued to this bag and can't seem to leave home without it! When it does eventually break or fall apart on me, I will mourn.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Weekend In Blackpool

We chose the perfect weekend to go to Blackpool for my friends 22nd birthday! If we would have gone the weekend before, or the weekend after, it would have rained. but instead we went on the hottest weekend ever! resulting in some pretty pink skinned pictures of myself, but also some very happy sunny photos :)

We spent the first day dipping our feet in the not so clean sea's of Britain, we witnessed dogs and donkeys wee-ing, and also some random foreigners who were playing with a watermelon in the water. Nice. We didn't keep our feet in the water for long.

We waked around, we ate ice-creams and burnt. HERE ARE SOME OF THE PHOTOS!!

Dress- Ancient - Boohoo
Bag- Primark
Shoes- Newlook
Lennon Glasses-Vintage fair
Hard to believe this is in England.
Blackpool Tower, Having work done on it...

Ferris Wheel :)
We had a few drinks in our hotel room before setting out, I feel that this is the best opportunity to unveil the 2nd new skirt I brought, kind of like the sequel to my blog post "I BROUGHT 2 NEW SKIRTS!"

Isn't it just lovely?

Just a tad drunk in the hotel room.


Skirt - H&M SALE- £3!
Blouse - Primark - £6
Shoes - Primark Sale - £6
Socks- Primark - £1.50
Necklace- Primark
Ring - Dorothy Perkins

Another cheap outfit created by me, I think it would pain me to think I paid over £50 for an outfit, I don't think so mate. £20 is like, the limit! I think I should be like, a personal shopper for poor people :)