Saturday, 2 June 2012

What my kids will look like.

I always joke about how my children will be mini versions of me. I'll have them listening to all my favourite bands and shaping them to become miniature hippy-indie-kooky-type-things. Awesome.

Occasionally I like to test this out on my nieces by dressing them up strangely, as seen in this blog post HERE
and buying them clothes such as these, shown in this blog HERE

But today I got to dress them up properly! like miniature me's!

Firstly I found this top in H&M and I literally gasped, dropped what I was holding and picked up the top, I think I may have even drooled slightly. At this I turned to my sister and said "I HAVE to buy this for the kids!!" I've also instructed her to keep the tops for when the kids grow out of them, so I can keep them until I eventually have little people. I don't care if that may even be 10 years from now, I will store these tops for as long as needed so that I can have these tops for my kids!

My sister told me I was "ALOUD" to dress the kids like me for the day and I instructed her on what to bring round. I told the kids how beautiful hey both looked and persuaded them to have a little photo shoot in my garden. This was the outcome...

I was very tempted to put my own Beatles top and a floral skirt on and join in the photo fun!

I have to say though, I don't feel that sorry for my future kids, as they are going to look bloody awesome!!



Tanya  x


  1. Aww look how cute they look , they do look really cool though , Kel should dress them like this all the time! Aha :P xx