Sunday, 24 June 2012

The rest of my photos

I can't believe how much I have been working recently. It's mental. I remember when I first started this blog, because I had hardly any work and I wanted to fill my days with something. Now I really struggle to find spare time to blog which I really hate :( 

Blogging has really grown on me, I never thought I would actually get addicted to it the way I have. I don't know if people enjoy reading my blog, or just like looking through my photos, but I don't mind either way! the few followers and views I have for now mean A LOT to me, and I feel honoured when I get more than 20 views in one day! (WAHEY!) It might not compare to the thousands that others get, but hey! who cares!?

Anyway I have more photos to share with you from my photo shoot the other day, so here they are! :)

 | Shirt & Necklace-Topshop | Skirt & Shoes - Newlook |

I'm not going to annoy you with any more of me babbling on about nothing at all, but I hope you liked me photos! I really need to invest in a decent camera, but then again if I did there would be no hope for my writing skills to improve. my blog would consist of nothing but photos!

Hope you are all well!!

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