Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My Yellow Dress

I must apologise for not posting for a while but I'm having one of those months where I'm constantly busy! my poor camera has been inactive for a while and is probably wondering what the hell is going on.

I had a photo shoot the other day, this time my sister didn't get involved so we didn't argue over who got to wear what! It was quite enjoyable and I finally got a snapshot of one of my favourite dresses at the moment!

What do you think?

DRESS - £12 - T.K. Maxx | Shoes & Hat - Newlook | Bag -Primark

I get a lot of mixed comments when I wear this, not that I'm overly fussed on what people think of what I wear, I wear what I like! which is what I think everybody should do! I get comments such as "you look like Mary Poppins" or "you are very Bright/Yellow" I just simply reply with "THANKS! :)". I don't know if their comments are compliments, but I'll take it as that anyway :P

I love this dress despite what anyone else says, it usually makes me like an item more if nobody else does! I spotted this in T.K.Maxx and for the bargain price of £12 how could i refuse to get it? Paired with my granny shoes, Picnic Bag & Straw hat, it's a bloody winner!

I have more photo's to show you! but If I showed you now you wouldn't want to read my next blog post then  would you? :P



  1. love your dress, it's a gorgeous colour!
    great blog :)

    katie x x

  2. I love your dress!
    Tori x

  3. Aw you looks so gorgeous! I love your hair!

    1. aww ur so lovely :) <3 thanks for the comment! <3