Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Weekend In Blackpool

We chose the perfect weekend to go to Blackpool for my friends 22nd birthday! If we would have gone the weekend before, or the weekend after, it would have rained. but instead we went on the hottest weekend ever! resulting in some pretty pink skinned pictures of myself, but also some very happy sunny photos :)

We spent the first day dipping our feet in the not so clean sea's of Britain, we witnessed dogs and donkeys wee-ing, and also some random foreigners who were playing with a watermelon in the water. Nice. We didn't keep our feet in the water for long.

We waked around, we ate ice-creams and burnt. HERE ARE SOME OF THE PHOTOS!!

Dress- Ancient - Boohoo
Bag- Primark
Shoes- Newlook
Lennon Glasses-Vintage fair
Hard to believe this is in England.
Blackpool Tower, Having work done on it...

Ferris Wheel :)
We had a few drinks in our hotel room before setting out, I feel that this is the best opportunity to unveil the 2nd new skirt I brought, kind of like the sequel to my blog post "I BROUGHT 2 NEW SKIRTS!"

Isn't it just lovely?

Just a tad drunk in the hotel room.


Skirt - H&M SALE- £3!
Blouse - Primark - £6
Shoes - Primark Sale - £6
Socks- Primark - £1.50
Necklace- Primark
Ring - Dorothy Perkins

Another cheap outfit created by me, I think it would pain me to think I paid over £50 for an outfit, I don't think so mate. £20 is like, the limit! I think I should be like, a personal shopper for poor people :)


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