Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sunny Days Faded Away...

The Sun came and went pretty quickly!! But I did get quite a few summery photo's snapped whilst the sun lasted!

I have actually got quite a few blogs lined up, which should be entitled things such as 'here comes the sun' & 'Summery-ness!' However if I post blogs with such titles I will be lying to my self, as it is no longer summer, we had our week, it will be snowing again in no time!

I went shopping with my friend the other week, since I had a day off and haven't really been shopping for AGES! I've been naughty though really, went a bit over budget, and I've been so good all month! maybe I should just avoid shopping?

Saying that one of my friends is allowing me to "indie" her up, and I am going to be able to dress her and make her listen to decent music! A bit like my own little doll! Which I shall thoroughly enjoy!

SO this is what I wore to go shopping, and of course I had just enough time to have a quick photo shoot in the garden before setting off! :)


NECKLACE-From My Boy <3
BOW RING-Primark
GEM RING- Stolen from my older sister

The first shop I went into I discovered this hat, and it was the bargain price of £3! so of course I just HAD to buy it! and it just looked lovely with my outfit and suited the weather situation just perfectly!
Plus my straw hat I had last year got a bit squished when I packed it in my suitcase and is now slightly deformed. I had to wear it for the entire journey home :) I also had a milkshake. nom.

Hat- £3 - Newlook
Glasses - £5 - Vintage Fair

I'm not going to show you everything I brought, otherwise you'd have nothing to look forward to on my next blog now would you? ;)

Hope you are all okay!


Tanya  x


  1. Cute outfit :D Love this hat its gorgeous , I need to steal this off you sometime soon... ;) :P xx

  2. Great look, especially the pleated skirt - its BOOM!! Facebook me your address lady and I will indeed send you a postcard!! :) xx