Thursday, 28 June 2012

Carpet-less Stairs

It's been a while since I've had a day to dress in my own clothes, not that I've been wearing anyone else's clothes, but because of work (I do realise I mention I'm working a lot in most of my recent blogs) I am constantly wearing all black. The most boring uniform in the world. Since we work in a place that is all about clothes, you would think they would let you get as fashionable and as colourful as you bloody well like to! this is not the way with our company unfortunately :(

WE ARE DECORATING OUR STAIRS! This doesnt make me happy really, because our house is really modern, so my vintage style is wasted! I could decorate this house so lovely! and it would all be old fashioned and vintage looking and all of my blog photos would be taken indoors! I am happy at the moment however, because the walls on the stairs are plain white, and the carpet has been ripped up leaving a lovely wooden floor leading up the stairs, it looks so lovely and old fashioned!

I even found a little bit of this lino hidden under a section of carpet, which is so bloody lovely, I wonder how long that has been there??

Anyway this is what I wore to go shopping the other day & YES once again my shopping ban on myself isn't as succesfull as it could be, but I do however have a lot of new clothes waiting in my wardrobe until when I finally get a day off and can wear them and take thousands of photos for my blog!

Say Hello to my new shoes, Believe it or not they were from Primark and were in the sale for £8! How the hell could I say no? well obviously I couldn't say no :)


Blouse - Primark -£6
Skirt - H&M Sale - £7

Shoes - Primark Sale - £8
Socks - Primark - £1.50
Necklace - Primark - £2
Belt - years old...


Another cheap as hell outfit by me. I definitely think I could put put Gok Wan out of business :P

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