Sunday, 27 January 2013


I'm not sure if I've shown you all this lovely top yet, but If I haven't, HERE IT IS!

What I Am Wearing

Skirt-New Look
Belt-New Look
Velvet Doccers-Dr.Martens

Isn't my boyfriend just the best? He brought this for me for Christmas! I still need to show you the frigging gorgeous shoes he brought me! I will one day and you will all be green with envy! which funnily enough is the color of the beautiful shoes!

I think this has got to be in the top 3 of tops in my wardrobe! I love the little daisy print and the black lace collar attached is just bloody beautiful!

Be prepared to see my velvet doccers on a regular basis as all of my outfits will be pretty much based around the new love of my life, the velvets.

Day 2 in Liverpool consisted of, guess what? more shopping. This trip was more of a browser and we headed out to discover vintage shops that may be hidden down the backstreets of Liverpool.
not knowing the area, at all, we kind of got lost a bit and ended up pretty much nowhere. I did discover a vintage shop though! one which was closed. which was brilliant. Further up the street I discovered another vintage shop which made me happy! They even had some real cheap vintage wedding dresses in there, I am so going down the aisle in an over embellished lace frock from the 70's! I resisted buying things though in the optimistic thought of what I could buy when me and Betti go on a vintage shopping spree in a weeks time!

Until Next Time!


  1. Love this outfit! And dont even get me started on those Doc's , I hate u 4 buying those! :( The beautiful things... xxx

    1. MUAHAHAHAH!! they are frigging gorgeaouuusss

  2. love this outfit! :) x