Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Hipster Types.

Yes! That's Right! Another blog! A DAY after the last blog so ha! shout at me now Betti!

Speaking of Betti (who's blog you should look at if you haven't because it is frikking brilliant) I think you should all look forward to our little bloggers meeting that we are having, in which we BOTH promise to take tons of photos of us galavanting off to various vintage shops and sending possibly more money than we actually have (we should probably set a budget)

Back to the main point of this blog, more clothes of mine.

Well I showed you my red velvet skater dress, now, behold! The EXACT same dress in black!

It is a good dress though, and I always feel slightly festive in velvet.

This is my new shirt! from New Look. I saw it come into store on delivery and it was immediately in my hand as mine! I suppose working at New Look has its pro's and con's. The Pro's being I get to see all the pretty things come into store first and get first dibs on all the pretty clothes, the cons being that I spend way too much money and need to stop. But, Let's be honest, you can never have too many floral shirts!

I also have new boots, but I have a brilliant story to justify this purchase. I walked to work, In the pouring rain, with 2 pairs of socks on and a thick pair of tights. of course none of that mattered because the boots I chose to wear were covered in holes, Because I'm really classy like that. I arrived at work with 2 pairs of wet socks and wet feet, I am surprised that my toes didn't fall off. So I brought these to keep my feet warm that day. Purchase-Justified.


Velvet Dress-Topshop
Floral Shirt-New Look
Ankle Boots-New Look
Brooch-from the mother in law to be!

showing off my roots that desperately need re-dying.

I am going to leave as a proud blogger that has blogged 2 days in a row! HURRAH! I am well proud.

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  1. Wheeey ta for the shoutout ginge! I'll reply to your message as soon as my brain can face Facebook, let me know of any updates to the situation and I'll book the shit out of this trip ASAP!

    Also, budget? What is this budget of which you speak? I don't know about you, but my budget is ALL OF MY CASH. So there.

    Nice impulse shoe buy! They look so toasty. I need me some new boots but can't seem to find a pair I like, no fun :( But I have found these beautiful (if totally unwearable) Marie Antoinette shoes that are so awesome they may make yr eyes burst if you look at them for too long -

    Muchos love-os! xxxxx