Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I Know A Place We Can Go...


I'm so happy it is finally Wednesday! I feel as if I've been waiting for my day off for so long, one blog a week is not enough for me, I spend my days waiting for the blogging day to arrive! Roll on the summer when there is actually sunlight outdoors!

I have brought a lovely collection of collar necklaces from New Look, They had more than this to choose from, but I thought that buying 4 collars in one day was more than enough!

(I'm looking forward to wearing the blue gemstone one!)

By the way New Look jewellery is on buy one get one free so if you want to get yourself a bargain check them out now! Here are the links to the above collar necklaces :)

Black Embellished Lace Collar-£9.99
(The black pearl one isn't online but it was only £6.99!)

Camera quality is pathetic since the flash wouldn't work for me and then the battery died, this is the best I could do.

I created my outfit for the day to emphasise the niceness of this collar, Collars just make everything look better and more exiting!

I've had this knitted vest for a while, and although it is beautiful, I try it on and end up throwing it off because it looks too boring. The top was from a charity shop, it only cost like £2! But check out it's new look with the collar ;) It's deffo moving up in the wardrobe world.

What I Am Wearing
Knitted Vest-Charity Shop-£2
Ditsy Floral Print Skirt - H&M - Sale -£7
Belt-New Look-came with a skirt

ALSO, I don't know if you noticed but I HAVE NEW CREEPERS! & they are shiny :) so no they aren't the same as my other plain black ones because these are SHINY! so definitely warranted purchasing.

I better let you go, After bombarding you with clothes and accessories and shoes and photos.


The Cribs-Be Safe

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  1. 10 bucks? That's awesome. I've wanted a collar for a while, but didn't know where to begin looking. Thank you for the link!